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Bijwoord He drives quickly. ‘quickly’ zegt iets over…?

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Presentatie over: "Bijwoord He drives quickly. ‘quickly’ zegt iets over…?"— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 Bijwoord He drives quickly. ‘quickly’ zegt iets over…? Hoe snel de jongen rijdt. In het Engels moet je ‘-ly’ achter een woord zetten als het iets zegt over een ‘niet-zelfstandignw. Bijvoeglijk naamw. This boy is quick. ‘quick’ zegt iets over…? ‘This boy’: de jongen is snel. Als een woord iets zegt over een zelfst. naamw. Moet je er geen ‘-ly’ achter zetten.

2 Spelling: -le-ly noble  nobly terrible  terribly whole  wholly -y-ily easy  easily clumsy  clumsily -ue-uly true  truly due  duly

3 1 Over welk woord wordt iets gezegd?
2 Wat is het juiste antwoord? He is picking up Italian slow/slowly. He is a slow/slowly boy. He is a bad/badly player. She does her job bad/badly. She is extreme/extremely good at maths. This is an unbelievable /unbelievably /unbeliebablely bad/badly story. He remarked rude/rudely that he couldn't be bothered.

4 Aparte gevallen good  well This boy is good/well at English; he speaks it good/well. silly friendly, ect  in a silly/friendly way This friendly/in a friendly way man laughs silly/in a silly way. Trappen v. vgl. (bigger quickest): geen 'ly‘ He works quickest of all, so even quicker than you.

5 Meer aparte gevallen Bij 'gezondheid' gebruik je 'well' bij zelfst. nw. Vertaal: I am not very well today. Ik voel me niet lekker. I am not very good today. Ik ben vandaag niet goed (bijv. in wisk.) hard, fast, early, late, long, low, right, straight, fair, cheap, high, daily, weekly veranderen helemaal niet: She works very hard. He flew very low. He drove too fast. This is a daily paper.

6 Nog een apart geval Al je become, feel, look, seem, smell, sound en taste kunt veranderen in ‘to be’, dan komt er geen –ly achter het woord dat erbij hoort. Leg uit: That music sounds (is) natural. This soup tastes (is) good. He tasted it well. You look (are) tired. I looked very quickly. ©BtB

7 Kies de juiste vorm: She smiled [brave] at the [friendly] dentist. That piano sounds [awful]. I trusted him [complete] because he looked [reliable]. These shoes are [terrible][expensive]. She looked [calm] but she was [terrible][nervous] The [beautiful] flowers smelled [sweet]. He gave an [impolite] answer so the teacher was [angry]. She was [expensive] dressed.

8 Kies de juiste vorm: You are too [clever] to make mistakes. She opened the [expensive] present [slow]. You could [clear] see that they felt [unhappy]. She answered me [polite]. They were waiting [nervous], but the train [due] arrived. Do you think she sings [bad]? He translated the text [bad] because he was so [talkative]. Your story sounds [incredible].

9 Kies de juiste vorm: Your story sounds [incredible]. It's [awful][nice] of you to write me [friendly]. Think [careful] before you answer. He drove [extreme][fast], yet we missed our plane You shouldn't smoke so [heavy]. The reporter waited [patient] for further news. He always works very [hard]. She became [suspicious] when she saw him.

10 Kies de juiste vorm: 0ur guests arrived [late] because they'd missed the bus The pudding smells [delicious]. He plays the piano [good] but this music sounds [awful]. The boy didn't look very [happy]. Jill walked more [slow] than Ann did. They danced [merry]. [=vrolijk] She knew quite [good] that she was [wrong].

11 Kies de juiste vorm: I can do this sum [easy]. He answered all the questions [correct]. The show was [extreme][bad]. ©BtB

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