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Microsoft Partner Infrastructuur Business Update 2010

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Presentatie over: "Microsoft Partner Infrastructuur Business Update 2010"— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 Microsoft Partner Infrastructuur Business Update 2010
Marius Spijkerboer Partner Account Manager 4 februari 2010

2 Agenda 10.00 Opening Marius Spijkerboer De markt, de resultaten en de partnerstrategie Diane Janknegt Microsoft Infrastructuur business prioriteiten Frank Muller Pauze Partner sales en technical readiness programma’s Peter Heldens/Wim van Vliet Partner Programma Renata Bignardi Lunch Product - Technical Tracks & Sales - Marketing Tracks Pauze Cloud computing: Microsoft’s Online strategie Peter de Haas Next wave of Growth Arjan Oude Kotte Samenvatting en afsluiting Marius Spijkerboer Borrel

3 Parallel tracks Product & Technische tracks
De optimale werkplek met Windows 7 en Office 2010 Virtualisatie: “ From desktop to Datacenter” De communication en collaboration markt Het belang van security en het Microsoft security platform Sales & Marketing tracks De Microsoft salesaanpak en verkoopkansen Microsoft marktaandeel en partner capaciteit per thema Microsoft licentiestrategieën Marketing campagnes naar klanten en partners

4 Diane Janknegt Manager Partners 4 februari 2010
De markt, de resultaten en de partnerstrategie Diane Janknegt Manager Partners 4 februari 2010

5 Overall update, onder het mom van….

6 De (IT) markt het afgelopen half jaar
Juli-december 2009 (H1 FY10) "When other countries sneeze, the Netherlands catches the cold“ - Expression underscoring the open nature of the Dutch economy, which leads to an average slower recession recovery. Economy Steep fall in GDP during 2009; no proper recovery until late 2010 (FY %) Consumer spending has declined in /- 2.6% and forecast of -/- 0.2% Internet penetration of 87,5% (+0.8 pts) Continues consumer savings efforts and an ongoing restriction in credit provision. IT Market Summary 1) Total SW spend: FY % 2) Total PC shipments: FY % - driven by consumer PC’s (+5.8%) Server shipments: FY % Customers are stalling server hardware refresh and OS upgrades, and applying tighter budget control Win Server share: +8.3pts in FY10 from 68.3% to 77%, with Linux declining -8.9% from 28% to 19.1%. 6) Windows Share stabilizing in Web Server market 38.84%.

7 Microsoft NL het afgelopen half jaar
Results: Microsoft Netherlands overall performance +6% YOY in H1. SMS&P performance H1: - 4% YOY (vs 10% YOY H1 FY09) SMS&P Full Year FC +3% YOY Future growth can only be driven by long term investments in channel! Investment in Microsoft people 7 Corporate Inside Account Managers (CIAM’s) 4 Corporate Program (account) Managers 2 BPOS Partner Account Managers (Cloud Computing) FY11 Next wave of investment needed in Partner Sales & Recruitment

8 Klantfocus 2010: Corporate Accounts (1750 named accounts)

9 Partnerfocus 2010


11 Wijzigingen in managed partner strategie
Nieuwe voorwaarden Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Meer beloning voor technologie beïnvloeding Meer focus op omzet beïnvloeding (naast deployment)

12 Verandering 1: Microsoft Partner Network
Competentie roadmap Nov 2009 CSAT For Gold 3 Core IO Competencies CSAT enforced for Gold Competencies re-named Specializations merged/elevated to competency May 2010 Remaining “Standard” Competencies Launched Exam changes enforced Competencies re-named Specializations merged/elevated to competency 2 net new competencies Oct 2010 “Advanced” competencies Launched 28 “Advanced” competencies New requirement enforced for “Standard” 3 net new competencies Points/Levels Retired Oct 2010+ New Requirements Enforced Sales Objective ISV Cloud Services ?? Voor meer informatie over de veranderingen binnen het MPN Renata Bignardi of

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14 Verandering 2: Meer beloning voor technologie beinvloeding
Meer fees voor technologie beïnvloeding ( = solution & technology advies ) Pilot voor “deal registration” Virtualisatie projecten (System Center Server) Desktop OS (Windows 7 Enterprise + MDOP) Voorwaarden: Partner Business/Solution Plan, Pipeline, Reference wins etc .

15 Meer beloning voor technologie beïnvloeding

16 Verandering 3: Meer focus op omzet beïnvloeding (naast deployment)
Doelstellingen Partner Team in FY10 A highly accountable partner sales model A strong focus on gaining competitive share Driving license execution cross segment Winning ISV Share and Revenue Best technical/pre-sales Partner Support IN

17 Wat betekent een ‘accountable’ partner team?
1. Individual accountability per PAM 2. Pipeline Management met alle managed partners 3. Cross-segment accountability (EPG- CA- SMB) 4. High personal Integrity 5. Right Focus on the Right Partner

18 Mee eens?

19 Support voor onze Managed partners
Wat bieden wij u als partner ? Partnerships vastgelegd in business agreements Solution development en readiness planning (Practise Builder) Joint account management Samenwerken in joint salescycles (PSM) Deal Registration Fees Lead generatie in joint marketing acties Pre- technical sales support Microsoft Services support Centraal aanspreekpunt en “trusted advisor”: Partner Account Manager

20 Samenvattend We gaan ….. Voor groei. Voor marketshare.
Investeren in de juiste scenario’s Een beter business model met Microsoft Samenwerken om elke klant te winnen. Microsoft Finance & S&S verder stimuleren. Gezamenlijk succesvol zijn met onze partners!! P.S. Worldwide Partner Conference – Washington juli 2010

21 WPC Washington in juli, echt doen want….

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