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IXP20 IXP20 is Impro’s laatste aanvulling op de reeks toegangscontrole

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Presentatie over: "IXP20 IXP20 is Impro’s laatste aanvulling op de reeks toegangscontrole"— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 IXP20 IXP20 is Impro’s laatste aanvulling op de reeks toegangscontrole
Speciaal voor de wat kleinere toepassingen: 1 – 8 deuren APB 1 000 Taghouders, 3 Tags per persoon. 5 000 Gebufferde transacties Tot 8 Taghouder toegangsgroepen. Volledig upgrade pad naar IXP220 of IXP400i. Gebouwd op het nieuwe standaard iTRT [Wiegand] of iTT [Antenne] platform.

2 IXP20 IXP20 is verkrijgbaar in 2 modellen: IXP20 TOUCH IXP20 NET
Impro has been looking to regain the entry-level market that was once filled with products such as: Flexi-scan E / Flexi-scan Classic A smaller system that was not only simple to configure, but easy to use with an upgrade path into bigger systems. IXP20 Touch: Full Colour TFT Touch Screen Standard Web module IXP20 Net: Non-touch screen cost-effective version. Standard Web module. Both versions are offered in either iTT or iTRT base, in a standard plastic housing.

3 IXP20 Alle systemen ondersteunen: Volledig standalone/ onafhankelijk.
10 tot 30 V DC voeding. Elke deur met status en drukknop ingang. Intelligent wijzigen van tags.. Meerdere bedienings patronen. Ingebouwde rapportage. CSV export. Live transacties opvragen. Ingebouwde webapplicatie, geen software nodig plus directe PC TCP/IP verbinding.

4 HOOFDMENU Menu scherm biedt snelle toegang tot alle functies
Taghouders Rapporten Live transacties Geavanceerde functies Systeem instellingen Systeem informatie

5 TAGHOUDERS Het taghouders menu geeft u de volgende keuzemogelijkheden:
Quick Tag Toevoegen tag Reeks inlezen Quick Tag: As it says, allows for the quick enrolment of Tags on to the IXP20 system by reading the Tag Code. Add Tag: Enroll a Tag normally with additional details. Batch Enrolment: quickly add multiple tags by presenting each tag one by one after hitting the play button. Edit Tags: self-explanatory Tagholder Template: Setup or create a template for enrolling tagholders onto the system. Delete Tag: Self explanatory. Tags wijzigen Taghouder sjabloon Tag verwijderen

6 RAPPORTAGE Het rapportagescherm geeft u de volgende mogelijjkheden:
Toegangsrapport. Statusrapport Auditrapport. Access Report: Access important transaction info of who accessed where (Location), when (Date) and what time. Status Report: Access a status report of your IXP20 system and monitor event transactions taking place at specific locations determined by time and date. Audit Report: Allows you to check who has changed what on the IXP20 controlled site. Follow audit trails such as adding, deleting or editing tags etc, all with specific dates and times. Hours Worked Report: self-explanatory – track tagholders’ hours worked. Gewerkte uren. Elk rapport kan worden opgeslagen als CSV bestand.

7 INSTELLINGEN Het instellingenscherm geeft u de volgende keuzemogelijkheden: Auto ID hardware Toevoegen en wijzigen van 8 deuren en max. 4 deurpatronen Toevoegen en wijzigen max. 8 toegangsgroepen Auto-ID: self-explanatory. No need to manually add Fixed Addresses – IXP20 is intelligent enough to auto-ID ImproX products added to the system. Add/Edit Doors: Easily Configure up to 8 doors (with APB) as well as up to 3 Door Mode Patterns per door. Add/Edit Access Groups: up to 8 access groups to configure. Configure holidays: Self-explanatory Reason Codes: Configure up to 99 reason codes quickly and easily. Date/Time: Configure Site date and time as well daylight savings if applicable. Instellen vakantie en verlof Datum/tijd instellen (incl. zomer/wintertijd) Configureren “reden” codes

Dit menu geeft u de volgende mogelijkheden: Controller en site programmering Ethernet instellingen Herstellen d.m.v. backup Controller/Site settings: Configure Site name, APB type, Door modes etc. Ethernet: Configure more technical items such as IP Address, Netmask, Gateway, DNS, DHCP etc. Restore: self explanatory – if a database becomes corrupt, replace it with a backed-up database. UDP Output: Configure receiving IP and Port addresses. Swop: self explanatory – easily replace damaged hardware using this module. Password: Self explanatory – change password on your system. Configureer UDP Output Toegangscode wijzigen Defecte hardware simpel vervangen

9 TRANSACTIE VIEWER Log in op de web applicatie voor toegang tot de transactie viewer. De volgende informatie wordt getoond: Datum Tijd Naam Live Transaction Viewer (in the web application) allows the user to view live transactions occurring on the specific site. Transactions are prioritised by date and time and include Name, Event and Source for complete accuracy. Gebeurtenis Plaats

10 IXP20 iTT AANSLUITINGEN Antenne lezers aansluitingen. Relais.
Quick Click kabeldoorvoer. Slot, RTE en DOS RS485 Bus. ARM 7 Processor. Bandkabel voor dochterbord (TFT scherm). iTT Antenna Door Controller: An external RS485 Terminal Communications Bus Interface with optional Ethernet* communications (100Mbps TCP/IP). Automatic Antenna Tuning Onboard memory for buffered transactions. Fully Offline functionality. Optional Power over Ethernet (POE – available end Q2 2010)*. Supports 1 Door in full APB or 2 Doors with a single Reader each. End of Line (EOL) Sensing anti-tamper protection. Operation from power inputs in the range 10 V to 30 V DC. A Software utility to upgrade Firmware while installed on-site, without removal of the terminal. Supports: 2 x Antenna Readers (up to 40m connection distance) 2 x Relays 2 x Door Open Sensors 2 x Request to Enter/Exit Inputs Supports 125 kHz proximity Readers & Tags as well as HID 125 kHz Tags. The ImproX iTT is a cost effective solution to offline intelligence. An excellent user interface consisting of 9 LED "Diagnostic Indicators". TCP/IP aansluiting. Anti sabotage schakelaar.

Wiegand lezer aansluiting. Relais. Quick Click kabeldoorvoer. Slot, RTE en DOS RS485 Bus. ARM 7 Processor. Bandkabel voor dochterbord (TFT scherm). iTRT Wiegand Door Controller: Onboard memory for buffered transactions Optional 100Mbps TCP/IP* (available end Q2 2010) Optional Power over Ethernet (POE)* Interfaces with ImproX Wiegand and Remote Readers. Full Wiegand Support including Red LED, Inhibit, buzzer and anti-tamper. Interfaces to the ImproX IR, ImproX RF, and Third-party Readers. End of Line (EOL) Sensing anti-tamper protection. Operation from power inputs in the range 10 V to 30 V DC. Two Relay Outputs. Four Digital Inputs (including two Door Open Sensor (DOS) and two Request to Exit (RTE) Inputs. Connection for up to two Readers or Third-party Devices, allowing Relaxed or Full Anti-passback (APB) access. A Software utility to upgrade Firmware while installed on-site, without removal of the terminal. Readers can be wired up to 150m from the Door Controller. TCP/IP aansluiting. Anti sabotage schakelaar.

12 IXP20 VEILIGHEID Uiterst sterk punt van de IXP20 is de beveiliging van de communicatie: AES 128 bit encryptie. Met Diffie Hellman Key-exchange. Zowel op de Wiegand als op de TCP/IP Host Bus . Voor het eerst toegepast in een toegangscontrole systeem AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is one of the most recognised and trusted forms of encryption and along with Diffie Hellman Key-exchange, means that this encryption is mathematically near impossible to crack. Diffie–Hellman key exchange (D–H) is a cryptographic protocol considered secure against “eavesdroppers” and when used in conjunction with AES – makes the encryption extremely complex highly secure. Mathematisch (vrijwel) onmogelijk te kraken

13 UPGRADE MOGELIJKHEID De IXP20 is schaalbaar naar zowel IXP220 als IXP400i Enkele deur. uitbreidbaar tot 8 deuren. Single Door system: Connect 2 readers to the IXP20 controller. Expand: Expand by connecting a further 7 door controllers on the IXP20’s RS485 Bus allowing for up to 8 Doors to be configured. Upgrade: Simply downgrade the IXP20 controller to a standard door controller (iTT / iTRT) and add either an IXP220 or ECII system controller, depending on your chosen system upgrade. The IXP20 Controller, along with any other iTT’s / iTRT’s will connect to the new system controller and operate as door controllers. Upgrade IXP20 site naar IXP220 of IXP400i multi-deur systeem.

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