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Welcome session PhD students Psychology and Educational Sciences 01-10-2013.

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Presentatie over: "Welcome session PhD students Psychology and Educational Sciences 01-10-2013."— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 Welcome session PhD students Psychology and Educational Sciences 01-10-2013

2 Overview Introduction PhD@PPW Fun stuff ABAP-vertegenwoordiging (Dutch)

3 Introduction AAP (‘Assisterend Academisch Personeel’) o teaching assistants ‘praktijkassistenten’ / ‘onderwijsassistenten’ full-time teaching o research assistants 2/3 PhD, 1/3 teaching BAP (‘Bijzonder Academisch Personeel’) o research assistants (‘wetenschappelijk medewerker’) o scholarships (‘bursalen’ - possibly 10% teaching) FWO, IWT, FLOF personal grant (e.g., FWO aspirant)

4 Introduction ABAP representatives  represent you in official bodies of faculty and university mailing list - ABAP representatives: mailing list - all ABAP: ombudsperson: Walter Schaeken

5 Introduction some other names and faces to remember… director of the doctoral program: Rudi D’Hooge coordinators: Psychology Educational Sciences Omer Van den Bergh Lieven Verschaffel secretary: Claudia De Broyer

6 PhD @ PPW university: general rules faculty: further specification (yearly revision) information: o website o seminars: RSS o other communication: PPWDOCT mailing list  send email to leave subject line open message: subscribe ppwdoct first name last name


8 RSS feed  subscribe

9 What is an RSS feed? provides frequently updated content published by a website commonly used for news and blog websites, but also for distributing pictures, audio, video can have the same content as a webpage, but is often formatted differently when you subscribe  automatically checks the website and downloads new content, so you can see what’s new since you last visited the feed

10 Doctoral program: compulsory 1 international publication (peer-reviewed; first author; accepted) 1 (oral or poster) presentation at international conference give at least 2 seminars enlarge scientific knowledge, ‘look over the wall’: attend at least 10 seminars/colloquia o half can be replaced by taking a course for PhD students yearly submission of progress report  DOClog = logbook

11 Doctoral program: student-selected = extra activities aimed at developing skills essential to PhD students’ future careers (inside or outside the university) seminars courses or classes didactic training conferences workshops study period abroad (co)supervision of master theses

12 Options (annual) data analysis course (Tuerlinckx & Ceulemans) other statistical courses & ICT: New initiative: Flames ‘Flanders Training Network for Methodology and Statistics’ teaching skills: DOS / DUO LIRIAS & Open Access language & presentation skills

13 Options wide range of time- and self-management skills ‘Doctoral School for the Humanities and Social Sciences’  lecture and workshops by Lucian Consulting: 16 Oct: ‘Publishing your research’ 17 Oct: ‘Impact and research communication skills’ competence profiles: non-academic skills, useful for future career o o

14 Each year PROGRESS REPORT all PhD students (irrespective of whether or not you are enrolled in the doctoral program) every year before September 15 how? o form on website, max 2 pages research (planning and progress) scientific contributions (planning and progress) progress of the doctoral program context factors o signed by supervisor o hand in to Claudia De Broyer PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL ‘Functioneringsgesprek’ Once a year, mention date on progress report

15 After about two years DOCTORAL PROJECT + COMMITTEE before the middle of doctoral period (2 nd year BAP, 3 rd year AAP) o at least one year before defense project o description of theoretical framework / research questions / methodology / preliminary results – ‘proposal / plan’ o min 10, max 20 pages + summary o hand in to Claudia (  dean) o supervisor suggests committee members o after approval by FB, set time & place of meeting with Claudia supervisory committee o supervisor, chairperson, 3-5 committee members o ask questions about project o goal: guidance & coaching + quality control  acceptance / conditional acceptance / rejection

16 Final stage of PhD (1) complete the doctoral program (DOClog) hand in doctoral dissertation o 100 to 300 pages o typically based on manuscripts (first author, at least 1 accepted) introduction + discussion chapter link between manuscripts if necessary: methodology in appendix o English + Dutch scientific summary in dissertation o popular summary on KU Loket (‘My PhD’) supervisor suggests jury members o supervisor, chairperson, min 2 ‘opponents’ o 1 other university, 1 faculty, 1 supervisory committee

17 Final stage of PhD (2) approval from FB  jury starts reading permission to defend from the jury register for the defense @ university hall set time & place of defense defend your dissertation o 20 min presentation ‘for family and friends’ o questions & answers o enclosed gathering of the jury o no grades – ‘quality report’ o laudatio upload dissertation to ‘My PhD’ more info:

18 Money every PhD student, enrolled in the doctoral program, is entitled to a €750 refund after finishing PhD o applications: Brigitte Smets check website for more options & grants

19 Fun stuff PPW after work party New Year’s reception Once a year: veggie-event important to get to know each other; social support ‘party committee’ = FOFO (‘Facultair Olijk Feest Overleg’)  Agnieszka

20 ABAP-vertegenwoordiging ABAP = Assisterend en Bijzonder Academisch Personeel doctoraatsstudenten, praktijkassistenten, postdocs vertegenwoordiging = groep mensen die niet alleen bezig zijn met onderzoek en dienstverlening, maar ook nadenken over meer beleidsmatige aspecten en eventuele problemen (en oplossingen)  verdedigen van zaken die ons aanbelangen op het niveau van de faculteit

21 Concreet aanwezig zijn op facultaire vergaderingen o doorgeven van opmerkingen, problemen, vragen, … o suggesties doen voor een beter beleid vertalen van het beleid & informeren van collega’s  voorbereidende vergaderingen waarop iedereen is uitgenodigd – ook gewoon luisteren mag!  Verder: algemene ABAP vergaderingen om ook niet- vertegenwoordigers up-to-date te houden

22 Raden Faculteitsbestuur, FOWO, FOnzO Faculteitsraad vergadering van (vrijwel) alle ZAP-leden van de faculteit, en vertegenwoordigers van het ATP, ABAP en de studenten. De voorzitter is de decaan, en alles wat betrekking heeft op het beleid van de faculteit (zowel op vlak van onderzoek als onderwijs) wordt er besproken. Vaak worden ‘dossiers’ of thema’s eerst uitgebreider besproken op een meer specifieke vergadering, zoals een POC (= permanente onderwijscommissie), waarna ze worden voorgelegd op de faculteitsraad. vergadert om de twee maanden POC’s = Permanente OnderwijsCommissies Richtingscommissies Informatica- & bibliotheekcommissie Internationalisering

23 Thanks & good luck!

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