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Ecosysteem voor Sociaal Ondernemen Brussel – 24 juni, 2013.

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Presentatie over: "Ecosysteem voor Sociaal Ondernemen Brussel – 24 juni, 2013."— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 Ecosysteem voor Sociaal Ondernemen Brussel – 24 juni, 2013

2 Important challenges in society should be tackled in an entrepreneurial way aiming for shared value. That is combining economic added value with social impact. Vision: entrepreneurship for society Ecological EthicalCommunityDemographicsPoverty Health and Well- Being

3 What is a social enterprise? Mission-driven: the primary goal is to generate social value (impact) by mitigating a social problem or market failure and/or meeting a social need or challenge Market-oriented: pursue goals in an entrepreneurial manner, generating own revenues to sustain themselves Two key characteristics: Non-profit with Income generating activities Social Enterprise Socially Responsible Company Company with CSR activities Pure for- profit Pure non- profit Social mission motive first Stakeholder accountability Profit-making motive first Shareholder accountability Amnesty International Boops & Burps Fit Class Tintelijn Rubies in the Rubble Eneco Colruyt Delhaize Spectrum of organisations – Social and Profit motive combinations 3

4 4 Social Enterprise Their needs

5 5 Social Enterprise The Ecosystem Kapitaliseert de groei van sociale ondernemingen (SE) Consultancy in sociale business innovatie Verlaagt drempel voor prof. coaching aan SE (verzekert de kost) Coaching & Research

6 We can be a structural partner -Research + kenniscentrum -Cocreatie rond maatschappelijke thema’s: 2013-2014 armoede- platform -Haalbaarheidsstudies -Coaching jonge Sociale ondernemers SIA Social Innovation Accelerator -Opleiding en coaching medewerkers-bank over doelgroep sociale ondernemers -Consultancy -Verkleinen risico haalbaarheidsstudies -Netwerk van ondernemingen die sociale innovatie willen stimuleren -Versterken eigen vermogen sociale ondernemer

7 We need structural partners Kapitaliseert de groei van sociale ondernemingen (SE) Committed Capital: 11,5 M EUR Target fund size : 15M EUR (2014) Target ROI: 4 à 7% Verlaagt drempel voor prof. coaching aan SE (verzekert de kost) Committed Capital: 400K EUR Target size: 1M EUR (2014) Opbrengst: 0% Coaching & Research Hefboom:  Research: factor 5 (4 EUR public funding per 1 EUR privé)  Coaching: factor X (betere coaching en hogere instroom voor SIA en SI³ Fund) BU-plan  Opstartkost: investering van € 300.000 gedurende 3 jaar  Vanaf 2016 moet kost kunnen gedragen worden door ECO-systeem SIA Social Innovation Accelerator Bancaire partner

8 Deelname in het ecosysteem: mogelijkheden  Financieel  Commitment van 3 en 5 jaar  Kapitaalsinvestering: 1,2M EUR  Gift: 300K EUR  Kapitaalsinvestering: 300K EUR  Gift: 150K EUR 8 Organisatie€Timing Investerings- horizon Rendement SI² Fund1M EUR20135 jaar4 à 7% Social Innovation Accelerator200K EUR20135 jaar0% Innovation & Action Lab3 x 100K EUR2013 - 2015NA Organisatie€Timing Investerings- horizon Rendement SI² Fund250K EUR20135 jaar4 à 7% Social Innovation Accelerator50K EUR20135 jaar0% Innovation & Action Lab3 x 50K EUR2013 - 2015NA

9 9

10 i-propeller vision & mission

11 Team of 17 persons and 5 different nationalities Specialised in service innovation, business model and strategy development Strong experience in open innovation methodologies Backgrounds in strategy, finance, marketing and change management Active for corporations & government Directors: Founders Toon Diegenant, Johan Moyersoen, Fried Roggen, Marieke Huysentruyt Investors Koenraad Debackere, Algemeen Beheerder KULeuven (KULeuven ) Jan Lamers, Board Member Triodos Bank, voormalig CEO De Tijd (Triodos Invest) Barbara Roose, Senior Investment Manager GIMB / SRIB (BruStart) Piet Colruyt Team : i-propeller in a nutshell

12 +60 clients in last 5 years 12 Reveal which social trends are most likely to impact your business. Assess your innovation potential. Define which new services should be designed to turn those trends into a business opportunity. Design a new service that is profitable for you and society. Strengthen your strategy with social business innovation. Design and build a network to stimulate social business innovation in your organization or ecosystem. Strengthen your internal capabilities to develop and implement social business innovations. Reveal and communicate the impact of your organization on society. Opportunity Scan Service design Strategy Network design Capacity building Impact reporting i-propeller core focus = consultancy

13 13

14 SI² Fund is a social impact investment fund. The fund invests in social enterprises that apply entrepreneurial concepts to achieve social goals. SI² Fund aims for both a financial and social return from its investments. Social enterprises face a funding gap on account of limited appetite from traditional venture capital providers. SI² Fund adresses this gap. SI² Fund is uniquely positioned thanks to its partnership with i-propeller, a leading expert in social entrepreneurship. The Fund’s close tie-in with the incubation and coaching ecosystem of i-propeller provides strong support for deal flow. SI² Fund is an open-ended investment fund (exit possibilities after 5 years). The fund has closed an inaugural deal, is developing a promising pipeline and is open to new investors looking for measurable social impact combined with fair financial returns. Investment fund for social enterprises

15 Investment Criteria Creating social impact by tackling challenges in one or more of six trends: demography, community, poverty, environment, health and well being, ethical goods and services Social impact generation as an integrated and measurable part of the business model Clear plan to attain financial viability and generate a fair return for investors based on a solid business plan and model Strong and committed management team Good deal structure with exit potential SI 2 Fund will consider early and development stage ventures with the following characteristics: 15

16 SI² Fund team 16 Board of Directors Fund Management Piet Colruyt, Impact Capital (cornerstone investor) Johan Moyersoen, i-propeller Stefan Yee, AS Partners, PE group Elinor de Pret Marij Colruyt Steven Serneels Michaël Bremans, ex-president Ecover Group: Independent director Maximum 9 members: up to 6 investor representatives + one i-propeller + two independent directors Corporate governance Strategy definition Final decisions on investments over 500K Investment Committee Fried Roggen Piet Colruyt Stefan Yee Independent: Michaël Bremans Investment review Final decisions on investments up to 500K External Auditor VMB represented by Alain Bolssens Fried Roggen (i-propeller), Fund Manager Bart Van Aelst, Investment Adviser Jennifer Marzullo (i-propeller), market strategy Stefan Yee, supporting Fund Management Laurent Ledoux, supporting Fund Strategy Target: 3 FTEs dedicated + i-propeller support Fund Manager + investor representatives + independent director(s) Daily operations Prepare, execute and implement investment strategy Review of accounts Determine intrinsic value (semi-annual)

17 17 Target Fund SizeEUR 15,0m (11,5m committed to date) Investment size Up to EUR 500K, or maximum 10% of the fund Co-investments with others possible Significant minority stakes (majority if req’d) Geographic focus Focus on Belgium & neighboring countries Investment stage Focus on early stage (non-seed) and development stage Investment horizon5-7 years Investment instrumentsEquity & equity-linked Investment approach Pro-active role, with Board representation Term Open ended, but aimed at exit possibilities after 5 years Investor exit Dividend, capital decrease, recap, intra- shareholder sale

18 Conclusion Investment opportunity: bridge a funding gap by addressing an unmet need Do more with money: measurable social impact combined with fair financial returns Be intelligently pioneering: first fund of its kind for its region, but backed with a strong ecosystem of partners to ensure success Be part of a new sustainability trend that will shape and benefit future generations Why Invest? 18

19 19

20 Coaching & research  A not for profit organisation (v.z.w. / a.s.b.l.)  Focus  Coaching services for social enterprises  Research about social enterprises and how to create social impact in an entrepreneurial way  Leadership  Loïc Van Cutsem, general manager  An i-propeller spin-off - The founders of Innovation & Action Lab asbl are the partners of i-propeller - i-propeller is strongly inspired by social enterprises and their talent to find solutions with a strong social impact and a sound business model - Since the start of i-propeller, the company allocated 15% of its time to free incubation & coaching services for social enterprises - The company initiated various research projects on social entrepreneurship and innovation what has allowed to strengthen its knowledge and methodologies - The goal of spinning off the incubation services and research activities into a separate structure, is to allocate more dedicate focus and an ambitious growth model for the incubation & coaching and research activities.

21 Coaching: increasing the speed to market Social Innovation Scan Social Innovation Business Assessment Social Innovation Coaching Level of Support Low Medium High The Innovation & Action Lab offers services to meet the needs of the social entrepreneurs taking into account prior work completed, business acumen of entrepreneur and desired professional advice More than 100 social entrepreneurs have been coached by i-propeller prior to launching the lab as a separate structure.

22 Research: action oriented  The Lab is a nexus of academic, private sector, public sector and civil society collaboration.  Gathering intelligence on:  social entrepreneurs (access to data on over 2000 SEs)  how to create social impact in an entrepreneurial way  Initiating fresh academic research projects since 2008 with leading business schools and network organisations of social entrepreneurs and social innovation in general.

23 SIA Social Innovation Accelerator

24 Verlaagt de drempel tot professionele coaching  CVBA opgericht: februari 2013  Kapitalisatie:  22K EUR Eigen Vermogen bij oprichting  400K EUR trekkingsrecht op renteloze lening  Doelstelling EV: 1M in 2014  Leden van de CVBA  Oprichters: personen vanuit de bedrijven die het initiatief namen voor de Sociale Innovatiefabriek  Toekomstige leden: organisaties en personen die de club willen vervoegen en haar doelstellingen onderschrijven  Doel  Verzekeringsfonds: de kost van coaching traject voor sociale ondernemers wordt verzekerd  Inspireren: bedrijven en personen inspireren over sociale business innovatie  Van waar komen de voorstellen tot verzekeren van coaching trajecten  Vanuit het Innovation & Action Lab  Overige actoren die binnen de criteria van SIA willen werken  Vanuit de sociale innovatiefabriek SIA Social Innovation Accelerator

25 Oprichters (personen) Jan van den Nieuwenhuijzen (CEO & lid van de RvB) Piet Colruyt (Voorzitter RvB) Renate Degrave (lid van de RvB) Geert Palmers Laurent Ledoux Christophe Degrez Hanne Van Waeyenberge Pieter Vandekerckhove 25 Een organisatie van bedrijven voor bedrijven opgericht door managers Initiële leden (bedrijven) Tessenderlo GroupEneco België3E TelenetFifth Play (Niko Group)Joker Triodos BankUrban ProductPE Group Impact CapitalCity LiveBlixt ZappwareShortcut – change designers SIA Social Innovation Accelerator

26 The Ecosystem leverages Other organisations, projects and cooperations have been set up thanks to the leadership and example set by the organisations in the ecosystem 26 BENISI

27 27 Social Enterprise 2013 - 2016: 12M EUR 2013 - 2016: 1M EUR EC i-propeller EU consortium BENISI Social Innovation Park Shanghai SIA Social Innovation Accelerator


29 Stimuleert sociaal ondernemerschap & sociale innovatie Een v.z.w. ‘Lichte Structuur’ met geoormerkte IWT middelen: meer dan 12M EUR voor acties in de periode 2013 – 2016 Doel – Sociaal ondernemerschap en sociale innovatie ondersteunen om het hoofd te bieden aan belangrijke maatschappelijke uitdagingen in Vlaanderen. – De fabriek dient te zorgen voor een doorbraak van sociale innovatie, complementair aan technologische innovatie, in Vlaanderen. Doelgroep -Sociale ondernemers, middenveld en bedrijven -… die op zoek gaan naar nieuwe aanpakken om sociale impact te realiseren… -hierbij ondersteund door kennisinstellingen en overheidspartners.

30 Initiatiefnemers: bedrijven en civil society Bedrijven:  Tessenderlo Group  Eneco België  3E  Fifth Play  Joker  Blixt  Urban Product  City-Live  Triodos Bank  Telenet  Impact Capital  PE Group  i-propeller  Zappware  Shortcut – change designers Organisaties: ACW FOV BBLV Minderhedenforum (Forum voor Etnisch-culturele Minderheden) Gezinsbond VSGF (Soc. mutualiteiten en socio-culturele verenigingen) Netwerk Armoede (Netwerk van Verenigingen waar armen het woord nemen) Raad van Bestuur 1. Jan van den Nieuwenhuijzen (Social Innovation Accelerator) 4. Frederic Vanhauwaert (Netwerk Armoede) 7. Overheid 1 2. Vincent De Dobbeleer (Eneco) 5. Danny Jacobs (Bond Beter Leefmilieu) 8. Overheid 2 3. Hanne Van Waeyenberge (In der minne) 6. Ann Demeulemeester (Verenigde Verenigingen) 9. Overheid 3

31 REACH:  jaarlijks minstens 5.000 actoren bereiken ENGAGE:  jaarlijks minstens 2.100 actoren laten participeren aan de activiteiten ACTION:  jaarlijks 256 actoren aanzetten tot actie (individuele of collectieve) om tot een effectieve sociale innovatieve realisatie te komen NURTURE:  jaarlijks 36 actoren begeleiden tot het realiseren van een haalbaarheidsstudie en 18 actoren om een effectief steunbaar innovatietraject op te zetten. Van bewustmaking tot concrete realisatie Resultaatgerichte aanpak

32 China’s largest physical platform for Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

33 China – Europe exchange of knowledge The Social Innovation Park in Shanghai (“The Nest”) aims to support, promote and incubate social enterprises and social innovation 23,000m² situated in Shanghai’s Huangpu District Operated by NPI, a local not-for-profit organization serving the development of the social sector in China. i-propeller has been supporting and learning from NPI since 2012 On-site workshops, lectures, joint projects and monthly on-line meetings, focus on: – the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship (incl. creation of a Lab and an investment fund) – designing the services and business model to support social entrepreneurship

34 Upscalling of 300 social innovations in Europe BENISI

35 BENISI: Building European Network for Incubation of Social Innovation FP7 – Coordination and Support Action (CSA) Budget : 1M Euro Duration: 36 months (March 2013 – March 2016) Lead partner: i-propeller Pan-European consortium Approach: 1.Reach across different types of social innovations 2.Flexible framework allowing different types of scaling 3.Development of a dedicated infrastructure for knowledge sharing 4.Open network structure for diverse stakeholders to participate (SIAN) BENISI Access to Europe’s leading social enterprises & social innovations

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