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Deltion College Engels B1 Gesprek voeren [Edu/001]

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Presentatie over: "Deltion College Engels B1 Gesprek voeren [Edu/001]"— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 Deltion College Engels B1 Gesprek voeren [Edu/001]
thema: Interviewing a celeb! can-do : kan eenvoudige feitelijke informatie achterhalen en (beperkt) initiatieven nemen in een vraaggesprek

2 SBU: minuten verkennen websites 30 minuten oefenen vraaggesprek 60 minuten rollenspel Eindprodukt: a. lijstje vragen b. opgenomen gesprek Nodig: internet, 1 medecursist als gesprekspartner, 1 medecursist voor opnemen met videocamera (eventueel cassettebandje voor geluidsopname of docent om te beoordelen)

3 Je hebt deze opdracht naar behoren uitgevoerd als je een vraaggesprek kunt voeren met een bekend persoon waarin je vragen stelt over alledaagse onderwerpen en je niet al te specifiek ingaat op details.

4 Situation Shortly, your best friend is going to get married. Together with one of the other guests, you decide to perform an ‘act’ at the wedding. Because the bride / groom is a great fan of…….(you may choose which American/English celeb is suitable for this purpose), you are going to perform a ‘fake interview’. One of you is asking the questions, one of you pretends to be the celeb. To avoid bloopers, you decide to video tape the interview!

5 Assignment for 2 students (+ 1 camera man/woman) teamwork roleplay
Tip: don’t forget to do the grammar exercises with ‘to do’ in questions (last page of this assignment).

6 Click on the following link:
To collect more factual information about ……? If your celebrity is not in the list, try and find more info somewhere else on the net. Take notes of what seems useful for this assignment.

7 Think of 10 ‘open’ questions (the answer should be more than just “no” or “yes”…).
Also construct 10 possible ‘answers’ with the help of the information given in the site. Finally, as you are going to perform this ‘act’ at a wedding, it would be fun if the ‘fake’ celebrity shows some resemblance. So try and find some gimmicks. Organize a video-camera. First have a practice run – when you are satisfied that both of you know what to say, ask a third student to make a video recording of the whole interview.

8 See if you can formulate the questions that would go with the following answers. Remember: English uses ‘to do’ in questions… I live in Beverley Hills, California, which, as you know, is situated in the United States. My partner lives and works in Canberra, that’s true. But we meet every weekend. My parents never come to my films / concerts (question + ‘to go’!) Yes, my youngest child wants to be famous, too, like his mum. I collect exotic snakes – they are simply adorable. My partner seems to hate them, but I haven’t got a clue why. That’s none of your business – wanting to know how much money I make….

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