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MMBase architecture & its management A proposal (based on the Kennisnet architecture) March 2006 Nadia Poulou.

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Presentatie over: "MMBase architecture & its management A proposal (based on the Kennisnet architecture) March 2006 Nadia Poulou."— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 MMBase architecture & its management A proposal (based on the Kennisnet architecture) March 2006 Nadia Poulou

2 2 Agenda Architecture – why? What is architecture? MMBase architecture What’s in it for you? A principle Tips for writing the principles

3 3 Statements It’s not about who has the best architecture, it’s about who uses it in the best way! Architecture can be used as an instrument for managing MMBase, but is also has to be managed!

4 4 MMBase architecture / why? Ad hoc discussion Wishes of users Wishes of core developers Wishes of Implementation partners Discussion delays the project Each project result is different ‘Closed’ source is the way to overcome discussions An MMBase project

5 5 MMBase architecture / why? Standarisation Alignment with the goals of MMBase Reuse solutions throughout projects Improve communication Promote openness

6 6 Architecture is… A means for communication (aimed at target groups) A point on the horizon (destination plan) A translation of the strategy on a tactical level Defining frameworks where needed Suggesting solutions where useful No more in detail than absolutely necessary It’s not only about technology – also about information and the product

7 7 Architectural model Organisation Architecture Technical Architecture Services Architecture product, processes, community is about Information, flows, applications is about: devices, network, software is about:

8 8 Architectur vs. design Infrastructure design Application design Services Information & transactions MMBase & components “Accomplishing” Technical Architecture Information Architecture Organisation Architecture Preconditions “Setting up” Product design Market

9 9 Design documents and specifications Architecture – how it is constructed Architectural models Architectural principles In Architecture Repository External documents Process design Functional design Technical design

10 10 The MMBase architecture Describes the MMBase product and related components and implementations Version 1.0: – Makes explicit what is already available – Targets the most urgent topics – Establishes the principles (not necessarily the models) – Is not complete (it’s never complete :) – Is broad (not only technical) – Is available on May 2006 (?)

11 11 The MMBase architecture: process of creation Map needs and themes (6 March) Indicated community members work on principles (and models where needed) – use available input (April) Design the Architecture Repository (April) Editing of principles and models by the Technical Board (May) Implement the Architecture Repository (under (May/June) – Until then -> Work with documents Work @ Publication of architecture version 1.0 (June) Awareness campaign (March-June) Discussion and improvement through use

12 12 The MMBase architecture: process of creation Towards version 2: Enrichment with more themes (More) models Improvement of the functionality of the Architecture Repository

13 13 What’s in it for you? Less (fundamental) discussions per project -> more concrete and reusable results More and better use of your project results from the rest of the community Clearer roles and responsibilities, better communication Consensus, feeling of community working towards a goal ….

14 14 What’s in it from you? Principles, models (write! – discuss!) Principles, models (review!) Architecture Management (facilitate!) Architecture Repository (create!) Awareness Campaign (take part!)

15 15 An architectural principle Versie0.5, concept ThemaclassificatieInformatie (I-laag), Interoperabiliteit, Metadata, Content PrincipeVoor uitwisseling van content wordt de EduStandaard gebruikt. UitlegOm uitwisseling van materiaal tussen applicaties en organisaties mogelijk te maken, is het nodig om het materiaal te voorzien van een beschrijving, waarin onderscheidende informatie is vastgelegd (metadata). Dit omvat niet alleen semantische informatie over de aard en gebruikswijze van de content, maar ook informatie over de technische aspecten van de uitwisseling (zoals formaat). Kennisnet gebruikt hiervoor de standaard die wordt beheerd door de Vereniging Edustandaard. OnderbouwingHet gebruik van de metadata standaard maakt dat alle content op dezelfde manier wordt beschreven. Door te kiezen voor een metadata standaard die door de meeste partijen op het gebied van educatieve content (aanbieders, gebruikers en pakketleveranciers) wordt onderschreven, borgt Kennisnet de aansluiting van haar eigen diensten met die van derden. ConsequentieIn elke situatie waarbij content wordt uitgewisseld tussen applicaties/organisaties onderling, dus niet binnen de applicatie zelf, zal de metadata standaard geïmplementeerd moeten worden. KwalificatieDwingend BronJaarverslag 2005, versie 1.0, 16 november 2004, pagina 10. Toegestane implementaties Bij voorkeur de meest recente specificatie van de standaard (zie Verouderde versies van de standaard zijn toegestaan, zolang deze nog formeel erkend worden door de Vereniging EduStandaard. Nummer001

16 16 The thesaurus Is the central instrument to search through the architecture Information on architecture adjusted on personal needs Choose more than one elements from the thesaurus as theme in your principle Use own themes if you cannot find them in the thesaurus Add synonyms of themes to the principle. Then you make sure that people can find them.

17 17 A principle Fits an A4 paper Consists of one statement only Describes the desirable situation Is generic Is concrete and clear Is applicable for longer period of time Should be relevant Speaks by itself; It is no corsage – ‘in principle everyone follows the principles’

18 18 Tips when writing Work from global to detailed Start from what other people should know – not what you feel the need to express Discuss with involved parties where necessary If you have to think too long before making up a principle, then it is probably not a principle. If there is no general basic assumption or if this depends too much on the specific situation, then this is not a principle!

19 19 Architectural models Were necessary (and if the time is available) make a graphical representation of the components or implementations that you would like to propose as part of the architecture.

20 20 Work together Put versions and drafts in the Architecture Group – let other people review it

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