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Niels van Rooij Consultant

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1 Niels van Rooij Consultant
VMware vCloud AIR Niels van Rooij Consultant

2 VMware vCloud AIR: Wat is het?
VMware vCloud AIR is een betrouwbare, veilige, efficiënte en schaalbare dienst, gebouwd op basis van de reeds bewezen VMware vSphere architectuur. VMware vCloud AIR levert alle voordelen van virtualisaties, vanuit een beheerd datacenter. Waarbij de manier van IT management en beheer niet veranderd. Dedicated, Secure, built on vsphere. Supports existing workloads – this is very important

3 vCloud AIR componenten
VMware vCloud AIR Web Console vCloud API BYO Licenses BYO VMs BYO Tools Klant omgeving Application Catalogs OS Catalogs Compute Storage Networking & Security Infrastructure Management BUILD vs CONSUMPTON Everything you used to have to build, you now can consume current and existing tools keep on working Get latest version of software offerings – all the newest features – we do the upgrading Infrastructure Hardware & Facilities

4 vCloud AIR: uitbreiden naar de Cloud
IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) op de software van VMware Existing & New Apps Seamless Networking Common management One Support call VMware vCloud vCloud AIR VMware vSphere & vCloud Suite Value props We’ve believe the underpinning architecture for cloud is the SDDC VMware wants to extend the architecture that people are becoming accustomed to in their highly virtualized environments and private clouds, into the public cloud Common Management and Orchestration Platform VMware believes everyone is talking about private and public clouds separately – we believe VMware can truly create and lead a market segment that lots of companies have talked about but no one has truly delivered on – the hybrid cloud It starts with the SDDC… To create a truly seamless hybrid cloud, you need: Common management and orchestration platform Unified networking Common security model One support call Any application, any place… no changes Our customers tell us that when they go to the public cloud today, they have to write applications for a particular cloud and they have to modify the application and change the way they manage them (example – hybrid cloud services) Customer Data Center Software-Defined Data Center Alle applicaties gebruiken zonder wijzigingen

5 Iedere applicatie, ieder OS, hetzelfde Platform
Ondersteund een grote hoeveelheid enterprise en bedrijfskritische applicaties SQL Ondersteund de meeste besturingssystemen Windows en Linux distributies Zowel 32-bits en 64-bits ondersteuning Enterprise oplossingen of gratis distributies vCloud AIR is gebaseerd op VMware vSphere – Het meest bekende en gebruikte virtualisatie platform ter wereld Don’t have to re-architect – no design for fail

6 Ondersteuning van meest gebruikte applicaties
vCloud AIR Applications 60+ OS-besturingssystemen worden volledig ondersteund met OS Customization compatibel met VCD 5.1+ die ESX 3.5u3 en hoger zijn. 90+ OS-besturingssystemen zullen draaien op vCloud AIR - compatibel met vSphere 5.x - Als je gebruik wenst te maken van DOS 6.22, DIT KAN!!! Meer dan 3700 gecertificeerde applicaties worden volledig ondersteund. VMware heeft ook een catalogus waarin OS templates staan. Deze kan men gebruiken om servers uit te rollen op de vCloud AIR omgeving (maandelijkse vergoeding). Momenteel zijn de volgende templates beschikbaar: Windows bit/64bit Windows 2008 R2 64bit Windows 2012 CentOS Linux 32/64 Klanten kunnen ook hun eigen catalogus maken en beheren. 90 Guest Os – mention this to tech audience because they understand, they can make it work. 60+ for vCD – really fully supported. This all has to do with Vmware tools. Fully supported means we can push the IP in, reset the admin password, do sysprep etc. Without those tools, the OS will still run, but you’ll have to set the admin password manually, set the ip manually etc. We don’t really expect customers to do this, it’s just making the point that we have a huge level of previous compatiblity. Applications Certified by the Vendors on vSphere Talk about how the catalog is separate. What will run vs what we provide (the templates) are 2 different things.

7 vCloud AIR: overzicht ondersteunde besturingssystemen (OS)
Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2012 SQL Server 2012 CentOS 6 SLES11 Ubuntu 12 OpenSUSE 12 Total: 7 Microsoft Azure Windows Server 2003 (32/64) Windows Server 2008 (32/64) Windows Server 2012 RHEL 5 (32/64) RHEL 6 (32/64) SLES11 (32/64) Debian Squeeze 6 (32/64) FreeBSD 9 CentOS 6 (32/64) Ubuntu 10 (32/64) Ubuntu 11 (32/64) Ubuntu 12 (32/64) Amazon Linux (32/64) SLES 10 (32/64) OpenSolaris (32/64) OpenSolaris (32/64) Oracle Linux 5 (32/64) Oracle Linux 4 – 32 only Total: 33 Amazon Web Services EC2 Windows XP (32/64) Debian 6 (32/64) Windows Vista (32/64) CentOS 4 (32/64) Windows 7 (32/64) CentOS 5 (32/64) Windows 8 (32/64) CentOS 6 (32/64) Windows 2000 Oracle Linux 4 (32/64) WinServer 2003 (32/64) Oracle Linux 5 (32/64) WinServer 2008 (32/64) Oracle Linux 6 (32/64) RHEL 2.1 Asianux 3 (32/64) RHEL 3 (32/64) Asianux 4 (32/64) RHEL 4 (32/64) Ubuntu 8 (32/64) RHEL 5 (32/64) Ubuntu 9 (32/64) RHEL 6 (32/64) Ubuntu 10 (32/64) SLES 8 Ubuntu 11 (32/64) SLES 9 (32/64) Ubuntu 12 (32/64) SLES 10 (32/64) Solaris 8 SLES 11 (32/64) Solaris 9 Debian 4 (32/64) Solaris 10 (32/64) Debian 5 (32/64) Solaris 11 (32/64) Total: 67 VMware vCloud AIR We support more versions of the Windows OS than Microsoft Azure does Ondersteuning van huidige en nieuwe applicaties vanuit dezelfde Cloud omgeving

8 vCloud AIR: Een mix van 2 varianten
Dedicated Cloud Virtual Private Cloud Fysiek gescheiden Logisch gescheiden Minimum size: 120GB vRAM 30GHz vCPU Minimum size: 20GB vRAM 5GHz vCPU (burst to 10Ghz) Starts at: 6 TB Starts at: 2 TB Dedicated Cloud ~ 60 VMs – 1, 2 or 3 year contracts -> Is technically not limited to any # of VM’s… could deploy 100, they’ll just share the same compute nodes. VPC ~ 10 VMs – 3 mo, 12mo or month to month after the first 3 months -> Highlight the guaranteed resources…. Just because ‘shared’ does not mean ‘performs poorly’… Better at multi-tenant resource scheduling because of ESXi/hypervisor magic Can increment network in segments as well as necessary 50 and 10 increments Reservation model vs allocation model 100% GHz and Ram vs 50% Ghz and 100% Ram Overages built on 95% percentile Each Core = a new SID 50 Mbps allocated 1 Gbps burstable 3 Public IPs 10 Mbps allocated 50 Mbps burstable 2 Public IPs

9 Iedere variant van de twee diensten
Customer Data Centers vCloud AIR Have multiple cloud types, instances, and sizes Primary Regional Office Can Mix and Match – We expect customers to use multiple instances depending on use cases Go into detail in a few slides – point here is that we don’t expect customer to buy one or the other and be done with it. We expect them to buy different and multiple versions of the core skus as needed to fit their business. Regional Office

10 Hoge beschikbaarheid (HA) – Dedicated of Virtual
vCloud AIR Dedicated Cloud Virtual Private Cloud Compute Dedicated Server Cluster per Dedicated Cloud: 30GHz vCPU 120GB vRAM Compute resource carved out of a “Dedicated Cloud”: 5GHz Reserved vCPU 5GHz Burstable vCPU 20GB vRAM High Availability vCloud AIR gebaseerd op VMware vSphere met vMotion, High Availability (HA) zorgt ervoor dat: Downtime wordt geminimaliseerd gedurende hardware storingen De beschikbaarheid van applicaties en servers wordt verhoogd Dedicated HA capaciteit is beschikbaar voor elke “Dedicated Cloud” geschaald op werkelijk verbruik; shared HA capaciteit is beschikbaar voor “Shared Private Cloud”. Als hardware storingen optreden, worden de Applicaties en Virtuele Servers automatisch herstart op een HA server. Failed Cluster vMotion HA Cluster This is VM level high availability, not application level High Availability is a Vmware vSphere product feature in this case. They automatically get it. Again, I highlight the no change, but now you’ve got HA. AWS – have to write apps to fail across availability zones – they don’t guarantee zones. An entire zone can go down – no impact on SLA No other clouds have automatic HA with NO CHANGES to the existing application Voordeel: HA is een onderdeel van de Cloud. Hierdoor zijn er geen veranderingen aan de Applicaties nodig.

11 Compute vCloud AIR omgevingen:
Veilig, Compliant, Hoge-Performance, geïsoleerde omgevingen Voldoet aan specifieke eisen voor bedrijfskritische applicaties. Licentie overweging – BYOL. Dedicated Beheer Dashboard. IT diensten aanbieden als bemiddelaar. Redundantie en compliancy zijn verwerkt in vCloud AIR. Uitbreiding en schaalbaarheid applicaties Verbeter VM's met flexibele, hot-plug CPU en RAM. Voldoende resources voor zware applicaties. Cloud omgevingen zijn makkelijk schaalbaar. Deze kunnen groeien en krimpen. Dedicated management stack Use Cases: IT as a broker – Dedicated gives IT ability to create org vDCs per department etc. VPC gives one Org vDC BYOL implications – Some vendors only license in dedicated mode and do not allow multitenant environments Responsibility of customer to figure this out – Cannot use MSFT Volume licensing to Multitenant envirnment, have to purchase from SPLA etc, Licensing is easier in the dedicated environment Billing Use Case – 12 months prepaid vs 3 months and the month to month PAYG VDI – Must use dedicated because of Microsoft EULA

12 Compute: Flexibele VM omvang
We are completely flexible when it comes to creating VMs. Other SPs give you choices of pre-sized boxes. Mini, small, med, large etc. You can’t choose 2 vCPU and 16GB of Ram with some clouds. vCloud AIR allows full flexibility in order to size the VM to your application appropriately. Where did we come from? Physical boxes, 10% cpu, 10% ram, we consolidated. Why wouldn’t you do the same thing in the cloud, right size the VM

13 vCloud AIR Netwerk onderdelen
We support all the complex networking needed to support your new and existing applications and to seamlessly extend them from your Private Cloud to our vCloud AIR Theses are the basic components, sets up next few slides. 10 Interfaces – We can mix and match all kinds of complex networking. Whatever is needed to support your applications. Go into detail in later slide.

14 vCloud netwerk en security onderdelen
vCloud AIR Edge Gateway Beveiligd het datacenter en levert netwerk diensten: Firewall NAT Load Balancer Site-to-Site IPSec VPN Active/Standby High Availability Stateful Session Failover Geïntergreerde Management Console vCloud AIR Netwerk & Security VDC 1 VDC 2 VXLAN De basis voor verschillende gekoppelde datacenters. Het isoleren zorgt voor: Bring-your-own private IPv4 layer 3 address space Layer 2 extension – Keep your SAME IP Addresses Isolation between Organization Networks VXLAN VXLAN – is the foundation for creating elastic portable virtual datacenters. VXLAN technology allows compute resources to be pooled across non-contigous clusters or pods and then segment this pool into logical networks attached to applications. VXLAN works by creating Layer 2 logical networks that are encapsulated in standard Layer 3 IP packets. A "Segment ID" in every frame differentiates the VXLAN logical networks from each other without any need for VLAN tags. This allows very large numbers of isolated Layer 2 VXLAN networks to co-exist on a common Layer 3 infrastructure. Edge: delivers an operationally efficient, simple and cost-effective security services gateway to secure the perimeter of virtual datacenters and provide integrated services such as loadbalancing, VPN, NAT etc. Highlight fault tolerance here. It is a stateful failover, nothing is lost, client won’t even notice usually. Basically a shadow VM running in sync. Main Differentiator – Any cloud allows VPN connectivity and bring your own IP range. We allow you to extend your existing IP range. NO CHANGES to your application. Ask if anyone has ever done a network or Application RE-IP? By the time you change VM Ips, web to app to DB to SMTP server for notification plus firewall rules and switch ACLs etc it’s a nightmware. Vmware allows you to bring your application AS-IS, NO CHANGES directly into the cloud with Layer 2 Extensions. (more details in a few slides) vSphere 10GbE network interconnect with 20G link aggregation

15 vCloud AIR is “gewoon” een extra locatie
Datacenter van klant vCloud AIR dienst Gelijke security regels Integrated L4-7 services for Firewall/NAT, IPSec VPN, Load Balancers, VXLAN gateways Engeland, Duitsland (volgt) Primary Gelijke network Topology Full network virtualization at layer 2 and layer 3 One click layer 2 extensions Service Providers Regional Office Seamless Network Integration—Extend Beyond Your Current Data Center: vCloud AIR is built on a seamless software-defined network that is quickly customizable to support your application and security needs. You can stretch your layer 2 and/or layer 3 networks seamlessly from your data center to vCloud AIR without the need for manual configuration changes. Software-defined networking allows you to configure your firewalls and network as if they were in your own data center so that you can replicate the network your applications need to operate. Get common identity and access management across your onsite and offsite cloud locations. Point here is that this is everything they’re already used to. Same security, netowrking etc extends from their datacenter to ours. This is not the case with AWS or Azure or Rackspace. Regional Office Datacenter uitbreidingen die naadloos samenvoegen/intergreren

16 vCloud AIR geavanceerde netwerken
Edge Gateway 10 Totaal Interfaces 9 voor klant gebruik Statische Routes tussen Zones 3rd Party Appliance Van klant F5, RSA, Cisco RSA VM Organization Network (DMZ) Organization Network (App) Org Net 1 Organization Network (Test/Dev) Org Net 1 VM VM VM VM VM VM VM Web Servers App Servers DB Servers Network resource pool per Virtual Data Center == 500 They are backed by VxLANs This is where we show some compelx networking. We can do 3rd party appliances – RSA, F5, Riverbed These are all just organization networks. We have 10 interfaces total, 9 are useable by the customer. That lends itself to all kinds of creative security zones. Multiple DMZs. Web servers here, direct routes to app servers over here that can’t talk to the internet etc. Explain the possiblities. Most other clouds give you an outside network and an inside network in their VPCs. That’s it. We can do more. Organization Network (Isolated) VM VM Log Servers

17 Automatisch het juiste storage
vCloud AIR Dedicated Cloud Virtual Private Cloud Storage 6 TB gereserveerde opslag Dedicated datastore met dedicated IOPS performance 2TB gereserveerde opslag 10Gbps iSCSI storage interconnect met 20Gbps gecombineerde koppeling Block-Level storage Incrementele storage block van 2/6 TB kan worden toegevoegd op vraag van verwachte opslag verbruik Automatische optimalisatie beste prijs/snelheid door middel van “auto- tiering”: High Performance SSDs High Speed HDDs High Capacity HDDs Highlight the auto-tiering capability and the fact that the workload will end up in the most optimal place. If it has high I/O requirements and is used a lot then those blocks will end up on the SSD drives. No management required by the customer. I mention block level since a lot of providers use NFS now. Drawback right now is you can’t choose to pay for only SSD etc or only SATA. That’s on the roadmap. Voordeel: “Wij beheren het Storage voor u”

18 Data Migration: Moving to the Cloud
Netwerk migraties vCloud Connector (vCC) Deze applicatie wordt gebruikt voor het migreren van en naar vCloud AIR: Migraties Automatisch synchroniseren van catalogus/template data Uitbreiding van datacenters voor hybride cloud applicaties HTTPs upload via API voor OVF en media 1 VM/vApp/template tegelijkertijd Offline migraties Offline Data Transfer Offline data transfer wordt gebruikt bij grote hoeveelheden aan data (VM’s/vApps/templates). Dit gebeurd middels een encrypted Storage systeem dat fysiek naar klanten wordt verstuurd. vCloud vCloud AIR vSphere / Private Cloud vCloud vCloud AIR Slide is fairly self explanatory Segue is – so our cloud is great, now how do we get there?

19 Nieuw: Offline Data Transfer dienst – ODT
Fysieke migratie van eigen Datacenter naar een vCloud omgeving Vraag een Offline Data Transfer Service aan bij MyVMware Exporteer data naar het NAS systeem van VMware Stuur het NAS systeem terug naar VMware De data (VM’s/vApps/templates) verschijnen in vCloud AIR portaal Prijs per benodigde NAS (12TB per NAS) Voor iedere vCloud klant beschikbaar vSphere Exclusive Node Same thing, just more details on ODT vCloud AIR

20 Backup & Recovery vCloud AIR Backup & Recovery
De infrastructuur, inclusief het dashboard (beheer portaal) van de klant wordt gebackupped. In het geval van een storing/calamiteit, worden deze hersteld. Klanten zijn zelf verantwoordelijk voor Backup/Restore van de VM’s. Optioneel kan VMware ook Backup en Recovery diensten bieden. Deze Data Protected Service (DPS) kan tegen meerprijs afnomen worden. We backup all our infrastructure stuff, customer vms are their responsibility. Lead into DPS

21 Data Protection Service: Overzicht
Data Protection Service Boundary VM Image Level Protection VPC Customer Management Pod VPC Converged Cloud Infrastructure Storage Network Compute VPC Top Level Management Acme Finance Org vDC Acme DevTest Operator Controlled Environment (Default Protection) Verzorgen van een volledige backup en recovery dienst op de virtuele omgeving van de klant: Policy gebaseerde backup die op afgesproken tijden backup maakt van de klant omgeving Dagelijks volledige backup 30 dagen retentie Restore vindt plaats op virtual disk (.vmdk) niveau Instelbaar per vApp/VM via vCloud AIR Portaal

22 Monitoring vCloud AIR Monitoring
De vCloud infrastructuur, de beheer portaal, de compute / storage / netwerk hardware, zal worden gecontroleerd op de beschikbaarheid, capaciteit en performance van VMware. Bij uitval van een node zal VMware automatisch de gecrashte VM’s herstarten op HA nodes. Klanten zijn verantwoordelijk voor het monitoren van de eigen VM's (OS, apps). We monitor all our infrastructure stuff, customer vms are their responsibility. Usually questions about vCOPS and other tools come up. Simple answer is this – if they can use in-guest agents or polling, it will work. If it needs access to vCenter it will not. So some of vCOPS stuff works and other parts don’t. For other software, go back to the first sentence. If it uses vCD APIs etc, it will work. Basic thing here is no access to management stack, either vcenter or esxi servers.

23 Beveiliging Certifications in Process SSAE16 SOC2/3 ISO27001
Infrastructuur Certifications in Process SSAE16 SOC2/3 ISO27001 Planned Certifications FEDRAMP PCI DSS 2.0 CSA STAR Applicaties Uitrollen over IPSec VPN tunnel Automatisch tunnels Encryptie backend verkeer van Hybride Applicaties Netwerk vCloud Netwerk & Security IPSec VPN tunnel Firewall HA Edge Gateways Gebruiker Role Based Access Control

24 vCloud AIR - Locaties GA – 3 Datacenters 4 by September
Good chance for 7-9 by end of the year

25 Hulp nodig met de Cloud? Het is één Support Call
VMware Global Support Services vSphere & vCloud vCloud AIR One number to call is pretty cool here. If are trying to create a VPN tunnel between a local vSphere instance and an Amazon Cloud who do you call when you have trouble configuring it? With Vmware, we do all your local and all your vCloud AIR installations. No matter what, it’s a single call to GSS and we’ll help you figure it out. Eén onderhoudscontract op MyVMware account

26 Bedankt, Vragen en antwoorden…
Everything after this slide is a bit of a deeper dive for technically savvy audiences. You do not have to go here if they are not ready. But if they’re smart and want to chat put the helper slides for those discussions after this.

27 vCloud AIR Portal – eerste blik
This slides will go away as we start to demo more. They’re in here for meetings where you won’t do a full demo (time contraints etc). Gives a quick look at what the portal will look like.

28 Cloud Dashboard 28

29 Virtual Datacenter 29

30 Virtual Machines in a Virtual Datacenter

31 Setup a new virtual machine

32 Manage Access Control on each VDC

33 User Management 33

34 Bedankt, Vragen en antwoorden…
Everything after this slide is a bit of a deeper dive for technically savvy audiences. You do not have to go here if they are not ready. But if they’re smart and want to chat put the helper slides for those discussions after this.

35 Dedicated vCloud Stack per Dedicated Cloud
Fully Integrated vCloud Stack vCloud Management and Automation vCloud AIR Management Console vCloud Infrastructure vCloud Networking and Security vCloud Director with vCloud Connector vSphere / vCenter Customer A Physically Isolated Servers Storage pool VPN and Network pool Dedicated Cloud

36 vCloud AIR: Beheer op verschillende niveau’s
vSphere vCloud AIR Administrator vCloud AIR Management Console System System/Procurement administrator Organization (Tenant) Organization administrator User (consumer) vSphere Resources Dedicated Clouds External Networks Network Pools Organization Organization Organization Virtual Datacenters Organization VDC Network Catalogs Users The different color shading shows the intended separation and levels of control. From the vSphere perspective, a vSphere admin must use vCenter (Web Client or the VMware vSphere Client™) to configure the hosts/clusters, datastores, and vSphere networks. vCenter administrators are not necessarily the same people as your vCloud system administrators. Next, the system administrator within vCloud Director attaches a vCenter Server. For simplicity, all clusters managed by that vCenter Server should now be deemed under vCloud Director’s control, although vCenter should still be used for monitoring. The system administrator within vCloud Director creates provider virtual datacenters, external networks, network pools, organizations, organization virtual datacenters, and organization virtual datacenter networks. Notice that organizations are boundaries for security and visibility. One organization cannot see into another organization. Within an organization, there is an organization administrator and organization users. An organization administrator may or may not be a user—this is for you to decide. Next, an organization administrator must set up users and catalogs. A system administrator also has access to be an organization administrator. Below that we have vApp owners and vApp users. They run vApps in “user clouds”. With vCloud Director, there is a new paradigm of visibility and control that does not map to vSphere user access. vApp vApp vApp vApp Network User Clouds

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