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Four ways to plan analysis

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1 Four ways to plan analysis
BK8040 Four ways to plan analysis Ir. Ali Guney 28 September 2005

2 Begrippen(terms) Architectuur: Bouwkunst, de kunst en de leer van het
ontwerpen en uitvoeren van bouwwerken (v.D.) Bouwkunst: “….,architectuur: bouwkunst is de kunst van ruimte scheppen voor zakelijk doel op schone wijze(v.d.Pluym in v.D.) Bouwkunde: De wetenschap die de vereisten leert kennen om bouwwerken samen te stellen Archetype: Oerbeeld(v.D.) Tektonisch: (bouwk.) leer van de architectonische vormen in hun verband met constructie en techniek (v.D.) Architectonisch:1-Op de bouwkunst betrekking hebbende, uit het oogpunt punt daarvan beschouwd (v.D.) Bouwkundig: tot de bouwkunde behorende (v.D.) Archi- : akin to Gk. Archein: to begin(The merriam-webster)

3 Begrippen(terms) Begrip: 2-denkbeeld 3- eenheid van denken (v.D.)
13. a. A word or phrase used in a definite or precise sense in some particular subject, as a science or art; a technical expression (more fully term of art). b. In wider application: Any word or group of words expressing a notion or conception, or denoting an object of thought; an expression (for something). Generally with qualifying adj. or phrase (as an abstract term, a term of reproach).

4 Begrippen(terms) Type: 3- grondvorm (v.D.)
Type: “…TYPE may suggest strong and clearly marked similarity throughout the items included so that each is typical of the group…”(Merriam Webster.) Typical: 2 a : combining or exhibiting the essential characteristics of a group (M.W.)

5 TYPE: (OXFORD) 5. a. The general form, structure, or character distinguishing a particular kind, group, or class of beings or objects; hence transf. a pattern or model after which something is made 6. a. A kind, class, or order as distinguished by a particular character. 7. transf. a. A person or thing that exhibits the characteristic qualities of a class; a representative specimen; a typical example or instance. b. spec. A person or thing that exemplifies the ideal qualities or characteristics of a kind or order; a perfect example or specimen of something; a model, pattern, exemplar.

6 TYPE: (M.W.) 4 a : qualities common to a number of individuals that distinguish them as an identifiable class: as (1) : the morphological, physiological, or ecological characters by which relationship between organisms may be recognized synonyms TYPE, KIND, SORT, NATURE, DESCRIPTION, CHARACTER mean a number of individuals thought of as a group because of a common quality or qualities.

7 There are types of models, why not models of types?
Not any transferable idea is a model. Leupen (Ch. 13): Types should be transformed into models by design. A type can be transfered in words or a diagram, but not realised without design. Argan (1965): There are levels of types.

8 Begrippen(terms) A concept(ion):has not yet form;
is a theme transferabe to others; it organises design choices; it is transferable in words, schemes and reference images; it pervades a design into the details.

9 Conception 2 b : a general idea : CONCEPT c : a complex product of abstract or reflective thinking d : the sum of a person's ideas and beliefs concerning something 3 : the originating of something in the mind

10 Concept:(M.W.) Conceive: (M.W.)
1 : something conceived in the mind : THOUGHT, NOTION 2 : an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances; synonyms see IDEA Conceive: (M.W.) 2 a : to take into one's mind *conceive a prejudice* b : to form a conception of : IMAGINE 3 : to apprehend by reason or imagination : UNDERSTAND

11 Concept:(M.W.) Conceive: (M.W.)
1 : something conceived in the mind : THOUGHT, NOTION 2 : an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances; synonyms see IDEA Conceive: (M.W.) 2 a : to take into one's mind *conceive a prejudice* b : to form a conception of : IMAGINE 3 : to apprehend by reason or imagination : UNDERSTAND

12 Concipiëren(conceive)
1442 ‘ontwerpen’ ‹Lat. concipere 1-overgank. de geest vormen 2vergan-ok. werkw.volgens zeker plan schetsen synoniem: ontwerpen in het Holland van 1875 dit boek geconcipieerd te hebben, is en blijft een titel tot zeer eervolle vermelding in de geschiedenis van ons geestelijk bestaan (Colenbrander) (v.D.)

13 morfeem :kleinste betekenisdragende eenheid
Idea: (M.W.) 1 a : a transcendent entity that is a real pattern of which existing things are imperfect representations b : a standard of perfection : IDEAL c : a plan for action : DESIGN transcendent 1. Surpassing or excelling others of its kind; going beyond the ordinary limits; pre-eminent; superior or supreme; extraordinary. Also, loosely, Eminently great or good; cf. ‘excellent’. morfeem :kleinste betekenisdragende eenheid

14 morfeem :kleinste betekenisdragende eenheid (v.D.)
-De kleinste eenheid van voorm en betekenis in de linguistiek. Het kan vrij zijn(bijv. ‘boek’, ‘eet’) of gebonden zij, in de zien dat het niet kanworden gebruikt zonder een ander morfeem(voorbeelden: on-, -heid). (A.S.Reber;Woordenboek van de PSYCHOLOGIE) -The minimal unit of grammar. Free forms of morphemes are those that can occur as separate words; bound forms are items such as suffixes that must be recognized as components of grammatical structure. Morphology studies morphemes, and includes the study of inflectional as well as lexical units.

15 verzameling van sub-typen
Concepten of Koncepten Concept: pre-parametrisch sketch(with also proposition-like representations; i.e.:notes) pre-parametrisch ontwerp: PARTI: a preconceived opinion : PREJUDICE (M.W.) “...dominant underlying idea. Concept: PvE+context+achtergrond ‘t Pre-parametrische ontwerp design strategies Precedenten; typen, Parti D.O. Schets ontwerp verzameling van sub-typen Parametrische alternatieven

16 Method Clark & Pause 1 Structuur 2 Massa 3 Circulatie te gebruiken
4 Geometrie 5 Symmetrie en balans 6 Additief en subtractief 7 Hiërarchie Parti (dimensieloze representatie van een project)

17 Locatie

18 Plattegronden, drs’s en aanzichten

19 Structuur

20 Massa

21 Circulatie te gebruiken

22 Geometrie-I

23 Geometrie-II

24 Symmetrie en Balance

25 Additief en Subtractief

26 Hierarchie

27 Parti(dimensieloze representatie van een project)
Parti: a preconceived opinion : PREJUDICE

28 Le Corbusier

29 Le Corbusier

30 Frank Lloyd Wright (Guggenheim Museum-New York)

31 Frank Lloyd Wright (Guggenheim Museum-New York)

32 Frank Lloyd Wright (Falling Water)

33 Frank Lloyd Wright (Falling Water)

34 Le Corbusier

35 Le Corbusier

36 Beoordelingscriteria


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