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AGENDA Tijd Agenda Spreker 08:00 – 08:30 Registratie en ontbijt

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1 2010 SCC Gebruikersbijeenkomsten Nederland en België Amsterdam Sloterdijk en Mechelen

2 AGENDA Tijd Agenda Spreker 08:00 – 08:30 Registratie en ontbijt
08:30 – 08:55 Welkom en introducties SCC en SCOR Research agenda SCC Caspar Hunsche SCC 08:55 – 09:20 Supply Chain Performance Management with SCOR based KPIs Jan Heerema SAP Nederland Pauze 09:30 – 10:00 Open Discussie Deel ervaringen met SCOR Onderwerpen volgende sessie 10:00 – 10:30 Afsluiting

3 Supply Chain Council Driving Value Through the Use of SCOR®
SCC is an independent, not-for-profit, trade association Membership open to all companies and organizations Focus is on research, application and advancement and advancing state-of-the-art supply chain management systems and practices Developer and endorser of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) as a cross-industry standard for supply chain management Offers Training, Certification, Benchmarking, Research, Team Development, Coaching, and Cross-standard Integration focused on the SCOR® framework Founded in 1996 Chapters in North America, Europe, Japan, South Africa, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, South East Asia and Greater China, with developing chapter Middle East Expansion in other areas: SCOR for Design (DCOR), SCOR for Sales & Support (CCOR), SCOR for IT.. Driving Value Through the Use of SCOR®

4 Process Reference Framework
Een Proces Framework SCOR combineert 4 classieke methodes Business Process Re-engineering Performance Benchmarking Best Practices Analysis Organizational Design Capture the ‘as-is’ business activity and design the future ‘to-be’ state Quantify relative performance of similar supply chains and establish internal targets Identify the practices and software solutions that result in significantly better performance Assess skills and performance needs and align staff and staffing needs to internal targets When we solve business problems – which is what SCOR is all about – there are generally three main techniques. One is to look at business processes, business activities in detail, mapping them, and seeing ‘if they make sense’, if when we measure them the are working the right way. Second is to compare our company to others, at all levels, and benchmarking like for like measures and by selecting our basis for competition that we ensure better than competitive performance. Lastly, when we need to look at practices for solving process performance problems, SCOR provides a quick basis for analysis to ensure we’re starting out at least even with competitors. Business Process Re-engineering column represents process (column 1) Benchmarking represents metrics (column 2) Best Practices Analysis represents best practices (column 3) A Process Reference Framework contains all and includes the linkage between these aspects. (column 4) The SCOR-model is a business process reference model. That is, it is a model that links process elements, metrics, best practice and the features associated with the execution of a supply chain in a unique format. The uniqueness and power of the Model and its successful implementation is chiefly derived from using these four elements together. Process Reference Framework Processes Performance (metrics) Practices People (skills)

5 SCOR: Supply Chain Procesen
Beschouw een organisatie als een verzameling procesen (domeinen) Customer processes Supplier processes Product/Portfolio Management Supply Chain SCOR ® Product Design DCOR™ Sales & Support CCOR™ Klant procesen Leverancier procesen Produkt en Portfolio Management Produkt & Proces Ontwerp DCOR™ Verkoop & Support Please note the picture represents processes not departments or organizations. This is probably the most critical slide for the instructor. Classes unfamiliar with SCOR and Supply-Chain may end up having many questions and long discussion about how this slide represents various linkages inside a company. Encourage discussion of how the various participants have a different ‘process’ view of supply-chain. Help highlight differences between the process and functional view. It is usually helpful for the class to think about an order ‘walking’ from the customer through supply chain to suppliers, or for them to hypothesize what different kinds of activities there are in different areas. Don’t get trapped in: my company isn’t organized this way: some companies combined sales and supply-chain processes; some combine sales and marketing; some combined design and marketing. A good practice is to put a timer on this slide and defer question if discussion goes longer than minutes. In a large group of 20 or more from diverse companies, set a hard stop on discussion. In a custom training for an individual company, the instructor should rapidly go beyond this slide once participants have logically mapped their company structure to this process view.

6 Supply Chain (van begin tot eind)
Klants klant Klant Mijn Organisatie Leverancier Leveranciers leverancier Sub assemblages Fabrikant Winkelier Consument Komponenten Source Deliver Make Proces, pijl geeft materialstroom weer Source, Make, Deliver connections from suppliers to their customers. Note that the Retailer does not have a Make process as it is simply sourcing goods and delivering those to their customers. (If asked: yes, retail can do Make, for example preparing food, repackaging in the deli or meats departments or cutting wood in the lumber department).

7 ‘Praktijk’ (best practice)
Componenten van SCOR Proces Prestatie (metric) ‘People’ (skill) ‘Praktijk’ (best practice) De bouwstenen van supply chain in SCOR What does this mean? For each process we have identified the skills required to perform that work. The diagram shows the relationships in SCOR. Historically all objects in the framework (examples of objects are metrics, processes, practices, deliverables) were linked to process. Skills also link to processes. However Experiences, Aptitudes and Training do not. Why: As said they define the skill. Please note some other relationships may exist in the framework today, but are considered exceptions. (Example: Some best practices specify the metric they improve. See: ATP ( for example.

8 SCOR 10 – Nieuw Gebruiker feedback: Organisatorische aspecten van proces optimalisatie wordt genegeerd in SCOR Managers geven hoge prioriteit aan het behouden van hoog gekwalificeerde medewerkers in de supply chain Nieuw in SCOR 10: Skills (onderdeel van People) Skills: kwalificatie van medewerkers, identificatie van benodigde kwalificaties van medewerkers Plus: Aanpassing van proces nummering

9 SCC Research Agenda SCOR 11 – Gepland voor najaar 2011 Best practices – vernieuwing en uitbreiding Cost metrics – oplossing duplikaties Vernieuwing SCOR Project training SCOR adaptatie proces programma Gebruiksresultaten Skills Oproep voor vrijwilligers voor deze research projekten

10 Open Discussie Wat zijn jouw ervaringen met SCOR? “SCOR is voor consultants” – Trainer supply chain best practices voor een bekend trainingsinstituut “SCOR is moeilijk, we hebben het geprobeerd” – Manager grote vliegtuigbouwer “SCOR is de basis voor het toewijzen van blackbelts en andere verbeteringsprogrammas” – Manager bij een andere divisie van dezelfde vliegtuigbouwer

11 Open Discussie Cradle-to-cradle process – retour logistiek na beëindigen gebruik Sales & Operations Planning – hoe do je dat nu eigenlijk Landed cost – beslissingen m.b.t. Offshoring SCOR integratie in opleidingen SCOR integratie MKB/KMO organisaties

12 Afsluiting Volgende SCC Evenementen Nederland en België: 17-21 Januari Gebruikersbijeenkomst April, SCC Executive Summit Europe – Noordwijk 13-17 Mei, Gebruikersbijeenkomst 12-16 September, Gebruikersbijeenkomst Oktober, Supply Chain World – Amsterdam

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