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Alfa Laval Gustaf de Laval (1845-1913) “The Man of High Speeds” Founded Alfa Laval in 1883 200 projects and inventions 92 patents,

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Presentatie over: "Alfa Laval Gustaf de Laval (1845-1913) “The Man of High Speeds” Founded Alfa Laval in 1883 200 projects and inventions 92 patents,"— Transcript van de presentatie:


2 Alfa Laval

3 Gustaf de Laval (1845-1913) “The Man of High Speeds” Founded Alfa Laval in 1883 200 projects and inventions 92 patents, including the milk separator (1878) and the steam turbine (1883)

4 - A global provider of highly engineered products - Global market leadership - Large customer and geographical diversification - Large base of installed products - Strong brand recognition The company

5 Key technologies Heat Transfer Energy saving solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation, evaporation and condensation Products Plate heat exchangers Purpose built systems Tubular heat exchangers

6 Key technologies Separation Efficient separation of liquids from liquids and of particles and molecules from liquids Centrifugal separation products Disc stack centrifuges Decanter centrifuges Filtration products Membranes Filters and strainers

7 Key technologies Fluid handling Safe transport and control of fluids Products Pumps Valves Tank equipment Installation material

8 Key figures 2005 Order intake 1 990 Invoicing 1 756 EBITA 190 EBITA as % of sales 10.8 ROCE as % 22.7 Average No. of employees 9 500 MEUR (1 EUR = 9,3 SEK)

9 Beverage Biochemical Brewery Chemical Engineering Fish and meat processing Food processing Heating and ventilation Marine Mining Oil and gas Pharmaceutical Power generation Refrigeration Steelworks Starch Sugar Vegetable oil Water and waste water treatment We serve most industries

10 Orders received by Region

11 The giant Alfa Laval Packinox welded plate heat exchanger Focus on R&D Investment (2005): MEUR 48 – 2.7% of total net sales 290 engineers and technicians 25-30 new products annually Cooperation with customers and partners The T50 plate heat exchanger for super-sized plants The X20 high-speed separator for heavy crude oil dehydration System for cross-flow filtration of beer 18m / 59.06ft

12 Focus on accurate deliveries Operations Division Coordinates the Group’s manufacturing, pur- chasing and logistics for the supply of the right product with the right quality at the right time

13 A global company 20 Production units* 70 Service centres Sales companies in 50 countries Other sales representation in 45 countries * Plus a number of minor production and assembling units

14 A global Swedish company with worldwide local presence The local companies are mostly managed by local people Local people in touch with: –the local market & the specific needs –the local culture & habits –the local community

15 Beneluxering

16 Beneluxering in Breda Vóór juli 2005: –2 onafhankelijke venootschappen –Alfa Laval België: 50 FTE Hoofdzetel in Brussel –Alfa Laval Nederland: 100 FTE Hoofdzetel in Utrecht

17 Beneluxering in Breda Na juli 2005: Alfa Laval Benelux –1 organisatie met hoofdkantoor in Breda maar met nog steeds een duidelijke aanwezigheid in België –België: Agentuur vennootschap met zetel in Brussel 35 FTE –Nederland: Hoofdzetel in Breda voor de Benelux 120 FTE

18 Waarom Beneluxering ? Een sterker bedrijf worden door –Kennis synergie –Grotere kritische massa –Lagere operationele kosten in de “back office”

19 Waarom Breda ? Halfweg tussen Brussel & Utrecht Bereikbaarheid Fiscaliteit

20 Wat is de wens van onze Benelux klant ? Twee dimensies in onze klanten relatie –De relationele dimensie: Persoonlijke relatie Vertrouwen Beschikbaarheid Service gerichtheid –De kennis dimensie: Technische competentie met hoge toegevoegde waarde

21 Wat is de wens van de Benelux klant ? De relationele dimensie: –Regionale aanpak –De juiste taal spreken (Nl, F, E) De kennis dimensie: –Internationale aanpak

22 De essentie van succesvol internationaal zaken doen is inspelen op de specifieke wensen van de regio’s

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