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3 Alfa Laval presenteert… een nieuw DNA...


5 Optigo CC

6 Aantal fans :1  3 (diam. 250mm), 1  4 (diam. 350mm) Fan diameter: 25=250mm, 35=350mm Toepassing: E=Dx, X=CO2 Product Naam: Optigo CC Vin afstand : 3.3, 4.0, 5.5 en 7mm CCE H 353 AS 230V BO AP E – EP 4.0 Bescherming batterij : Epoxy, Cataphoresis Ventilator snelheid : H=2P voor 250mm, 4P voor 350mm, L=6P voor 350mm Grootte batterij: A, B, C Aantal fasen : S=1 fase, T=3 fase Behuizing : AP=Alu Prepainted, SS, PC (poedercoating) Ontdooiing : A=Lucht, E=Elektrisch, HG=heetgas, HG+E=Heetgas+Elekt.lekbak Optigo CC

7 Optigo CC 2 jaar garantie

8 © Alfa LavalSlide 7 250mm – van 1 tot 4 fans (plastic fan blades) 350mm – van 1 tot 4 fans (plastic fan blades) Optigo CC Overzicht

9 Slide 8 400mm – van 1 tot 4 fans (plastic fan blades) 500mm – van 1 tot 4 fans (aluminium fan blades) Optigo CC Overzicht

10 Roll out New Optigo CCE/W/X codes will be available in CAS/AlfaSelect There will be the following series: CCE250 350 400500 CCW250350400500 CCX250350400500 All models are available from 1 to 4 fans Delivery Time CCE: 4 weeks at the beginning, target to reduce to 2/3 CCW and CCX: 4/5 weeks Stock avalibility New codes will be stocked when old codes will be finished up, further info will follow when we’ll start to refill new codes into the webstock

11 The product care CC project: “Listening to customers voice” Changes in mechanical features coping & covering requests and feedbacks from customers (distributors, installers, end users, contractors) Keep in mind !: no thermal performance are changed!! no noise levels are changed!! no energy consumption levels are changed!!

12 © Alfa Laval 1New slow fan for 250 series 4 poles 1400 rpmCC250 2254 need, extended rangeCC250 3404 need, extended rangeCC400 4reduce drip tray connection to 1"All 5Redesigned electrical power for defrost systemAll 6Paint (powder epoxy coated) instead prepaintAll 7 Hinged to open external drip tray and side panelsAll 8EC fanmotors availabilityAll Update about the CC

13 © Alfa Laval New slow fan for 250 series: 4 poles 1400 rpm 2 poles4 poles2 poles4 poles model 7 mm air flow m3/h air speed m/s 251A 1272 7772,11,3 251B 1246 7582,11,3 251C 1222 7412,01,2 252A 2532 15472,21,4 252B 2476 15062,21,3 252C 2424 14702,11,3 253A 3793 23152,31,4 253B 3706 22532,21,3 253C 3626 21982,21,3 254A 5053 30842,31,4 254B 4936 30002,21,3

14 © Alfa Laval 254 extended range 404 needed

15 © Alfa Laval 1” drip tray connection: drain The drain is in aluminium, threaded, pressed into the aluminium drip tray The dimension is 1” for the whole Optigo CC range

16 © Alfa Laval Redesigned electrical defrost power The electrical defrost is designed to meet the trade off between efficiency and power consumption Alfacubicrowstotal powerdeltatotal powerrowsOptigoCC 2514R11709012604R/6R251 6R1560-30012604R/6R251 2524R2340-6022804R/6R252 6R3120-84022804R/6R252 2534R316020033604R/6R253 6R4340-98033604R/6R253 3514R156054021004R/6R351 6R195015021004R/6R351 3524R312068038004R/6R352 6R3900-10038004R/6R352 3534R4340126056004R/6R353 6R55208056004R/6R353 3544R5710164073504R/6R354 6R72807073504R/6R354 4016R3600-84027606R401 8R4500-36041408R401 4026R7200-192052806R402 8R9000-108079208R402 4036R10000-226077406R403 8R12500-890116108R403

17 © Alfa Laval Powder epoxy coated vs prepainted The complete casing is powder epoxy coated in RAL 9002; the result is a well finished and uniform casing which yield the appeal of a well built unit

18 © Alfa Laval Hinged side panels

19 © Alfa Laval Hinged drip tray

20 © Alfa Laval EC fanmotors & Shut up socks available

21 Materiaal : Standaard in Aluminum pre-painted Optioneel : - poeder coating - SS 304 (ook het frame, ventilator grids voorzien van dubbele verflaag) metalen bovenplaat in anti-corrosie Magnelis (Arcelor Mittal) Optigo CC Behuizing

22 Optigo CC Een evolutie Standaard met AC-ventilatoren Optioneel met EC-ventilatoren Product care acties tov AlfaCubic aangaande : Ontdooi elementen Verpakking Competitieve prijszetting €/kW Met nieuwe geometrie 3008/3010 van blok gaat de vinafstand van 3.3 to 7 mm Ventilator diameter: Fase 1 : 250,350 mm Fase 2 : 400, 500 mm Optigo verdampers voor hoge druk toepassingen : ontworpen voor 80 bar Getest met droge N2 (ipv water) op 120 bar

23 De ventilator Geluid : -2dB(A) op 250mm fan Voldoet aan nieuwe wetgeving ErP 2015 ! Drain gelast aan externe lekbak ! Versterkte verpakking : optimaal transport Zelfde ‘footprint’ als AlfaCubic Optigo CC Een evolutie

24 Positioning with Alfacubic DX (SC2): 250 & 350

25 Positioning with AlfaCubic DX (SC2): 400 & 500

26 © Alfa Laval Waarom Optigo CC kopen ? Competitieve prijszetting €/kW & uitgebreide serie Standaard AC-fans, EC optioneel Verbeterde behuizing (Magnelis) CO2 versie: design 80 bar, test 120 bar met N2 !( ipv water) Ventilator diam. 250mm : -2 dB(A), conform ErP 2015 Zelfde footprint als AlfaCubic versie Verpakking is sterker, stapelbaar

27 Implementation & Sales tools March 2013 : CAS/AlfaSelect release: Optigo CC new article numbers!! Documentation updates (Sally, Dotcom) product leaflet hi res renderings CAD drawings Ppt Easy selection tables Packing dimensions


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