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Grammatica Unit 1 HD 1.1 t/m 1.8.

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Presentatie over: "Grammatica Unit 1 HD 1.1 t/m 1.8."— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 Grammatica Unit 1 HD 1.1 t/m 1.8

2 1.1 Present Simple Vorm: Wanneer gebruik je het? Signaalwoorden
Hele werkwoord Hele werkwoord + S bij he/she/it Wanneer gebruik je het? Signaalwoorden Altijd Always, every … Nooit Never Regelmatig Usually

3 Does he go to school every day? Ontkennende zinnen:
Vraagzinnen: do / does + hele werkwoord Does he go to school every day? Ontkennende zinnen: Don’t / doesn’t + hele werkwoord He doesn’t go to school every day.

4 Let op uitzonderingen bij he/she/it soms:
Go  goes Do  does Cry  cries y  ie Try  tries Catch  catches Miss  misses

5 Examples! 1. I … (wake up) every morning at 6 o’clock.
2. Then I … (take) a shower. 3. At 6.30 I … (have) breakfast. 4. But I …. (not brush) my teeth!

6 1.2 Present ContiNUous Vorm: Wanneer gebruik je het?
vorm van “to be” (am / is / are) + hele werkwoord + -ING Wanneer gebruik je het? Tegenwoordige tijd; iets is aan de gang of bezig. Waaraan herken je het? (signaalwoorden) (right) now, at the moment, at present I am jumping right now

7 Let op: Als een werkwoord op een -e eindigt, dan vervalt de -e als ING wordt toegevoegd. Have --> having NOT haveing!! Make --> making Drive --> driving Geen do/does/don’t/doesn’t in vraagzinnen/ontkenningen! - I don’t am staying with them  I am not staying with them

8 Examples! 1. I’m scared. Someone … (tap) on the window.
2. It might be someone who … (try) to scare us. 3. I can’t take it any longer, I … (leave) right now! 4. Please don’t go. Maybe it is someone who … (play) at hide-and-seek.

9 1.3 Present Simple <-> Present Continuous
Vorm: hele werkwoord hele werkwoord + S (he/she/it) Wanneer gebruik je het? feit/gewoonte (altijd, nooit, regelmatig) Signaalwoorden always, usually, often, never, every day/week etc. CONTINUOUS Vorm: “to be” + hele werkwoord + ING Wanneer gebruik je het? nu bezig, aan de gang Signaalwoorden - (right) now, at the moment, at present, look, listen

10 Examples! Present Simple I eat an apple every day
I always wear a golden ring I usually read at home Feit/gewoonte Present Continuous I am eating an apple right now I am wearing a golden ring today I am reading now now

11 Examples! 1. I always … (see) young girls with a lot of jewels, I don’t like that. 2. Listen! The boys … (talk) about me again! 3. Every day I wear a skirt, but today I … (wear) jeans. 4. Miss Jones … (look) like a popstar with her beautiful dress. 5. I … (ask) you to come to the party because I think you’d really enjoy it.

12 1.4 Past Simple Als we over de verleden tijd spreken, gebruiken we de Past Simple Vorm: Werkwoord + ed Kill  killed Live  lived geen liveed (niet + ed)

13 Did I kick the ball in the goal?
Vragende vorm: Did + hele werkwoord Did I kick the ball in the goal? Ontkennend: Didn’t + hele werkwoord He didn’t like hockey. Maar…

14 1.5 Past Simple Onregelmatige werkwoorden:  Leer dus niet alleen HD 1.5 maar ook de onregelmatige werkwoorden op blz. 110,111,112 (lesson )

15 Examples! 1. The cat ... up the stairs quietly. (to creep)
2. Keith’s football coach ... him ... last night. (to ring up) 3. Ian ... the door behind him. (to close) 4. Sarah ... to give her mother a present for her birthday. (to want) 5. We ... very badly last night because of the storm. (to sleep)

16 1.6 must/must not/must never
Vorm: must + hele werkwoord Wanneer gebruik je het? Must: Noodzakelijk / kan niet anders Must not: mag niet Must never: mag nooit

17 Examples! 1. It’s my birthday and I’m throwing a party. You ... come!
2. You ... disturb Mr Simmons when he’s working. He doesn’t like that. 3. You ... use the front door if the back door is locked. 4. Tim, you ... say those words to your aunt. It’s not very polite.

18 1.7 Maybe / probably Vorm: Wanneer gebruik je het?
Maybe: Begin van de zin Probably: Voor het hoofdwerkwoord of aan het eind van de zin Wanneer gebruik je het? Maybe: misschien Probably: waarschijnlijk

19 Examples! 1. I can’t find my pen anywhere! – ... it’s in your other bag. 2. Why is John so angry with me? – You ... did something he didn’t like. 3. Do you think we should go for a walk? – We should ... wait until those clouds are gone. 4. I don’t feel very well. – ... you have a cold.

20 1.8 bijwoord Voorbeelden van bijwoorden Plaats:
usually – just – always – never – still - nearly Plaats: Voor het hoofdwerkwoord I never go to the cinema on Wednesday Na een vorm van ‘to be’ (am/are/is) He is always cross with me

21 Examples! 1. I go out on Saturday evenings. (often)
2. Rashid finishes his homework on time. (sometimes) 3. Our family eats breakfast at eight o’clock. (usually) 4. Watch out! You pushed me off my bike. (nearly)

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