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Use Case Modelling Summary

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1 Use Case Modelling Summary

2 What is Use Case modeling?
Use Case model: a view of a system that emphasizes the behavior as it appears to outside users. A use case model partitions system functionality into transactions(“use cases’) that are meaningful to users (‘actors’) A Use Case Diagram visualizes a use case model.

3 Core Elements

4 Core Relationships

5 Core Relationships

6 Use Case Diagram Use Cases Use Case text : Voorbeeld

7 NS Kaartjesautomaat Maak een use case diagram van de NS kaartjesautomaat. Beschrijf één of meer use cases.

8 Use Case diagram NS kaartjesautomaat
Ontleend aan Mallens/Hengeveld 2001

9 Use Case: Koop Ticket Beschrijving Ontleend aan Mallens/Hengeveld 2001

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