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Present Simple >< Present Continuous

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1 Present Simple >< Present Continuous
Present simple Gebruik; altijd, regelmatig, of nooit zo is. Basis vorm van het werkwoord We work at a shop every night. (to work) He/she/it + s He works at a shop every night. (to work)

2 Present Simple Bij he/she/it komt –es achter de werkwoorden to do en to go en achter werkwoorden die eindigen op –s. She never does a thing! (to do) He goes to the cinema every Monday. (to go) She always kisses her boyfriend. (to kiss)

3 Present Simple Houdt wel rekening met de onregelmatige werkwoorden to be en to have. I am I have You are You have He/she/it/ is He/she/it has We are We have You are You have They are They have

4 Present Simple I always … to work at eight o’clock. (to go)
He never … spinach (to eat) You … so grumpy every morning. (to be)

5 Present Continuous Present Continuous Gebruik; Je beschrijft wat er nu gebeurt of waar iemand nu mee bezig is. Vorm van to be + werkwoord + ing. He is drawing something right now. (to draw)

6 Present Continuous We … a letter just now. (to write)
She … a scone at the moment. (to eat) I … to music right now. (to listen)

7 Present Simple or Present Continuous
I … my grandmother every day. (to visit) Right now we … for the bus to arrive. (to wait) She … a shower at the moment. (to take) They always … their teeth in the morning. (to brush) The clock … every hour. (to chime)

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