De presentatie wordt gedownload. Even geduld aub

De presentatie wordt gedownload. Even geduld aub

Haal meer uit gewone zoekmachines Wouter Gerritsma, Vrije Universiteit VOGIN.

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Presentatie over: "Haal meer uit gewone zoekmachines Wouter Gerritsma, Vrije Universiteit VOGIN."— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 Haal meer uit gewone zoekmachines Wouter Gerritsma, Vrije Universiteit VOGIN

2 Informatie overload? Verminder je de recall! Gebruik minder database(s) (delen) Limiteer op taal Limiteer op publicatiejaar Limiteer op velden Gebruik nabijheidsoperatoren i.p.v. AND Gebruik specifiekere termen Voeg een aspect toe

3 Gebruik andere database delen,, – – – vs Be warned warned

4 Limiteer op taal of regio Via de advanced searchadvanced search

5 Limiteer op periode In Google ScholarGoogle Scholar Pas op met sort by date In Google patentsGoogle patents In Google – [“water management” 2000…2010]“water management” 2000…2010

6 Zoek in specifieke velden (ti,kw,ab) [intitle:”water management”]intitle:”water management” [allintitle:water management]allintitle:water management – Werkt precies zo in Google ScholarGoogle Scholar [intext:”water management”]intext:”water management” [allintext:water management]allintext:water management

7 Nabijheidsoperatoren in Google [“water management” “technology assessment”]“water management” “technology assessment” [“water management” AROUND(5) “technology assessment”]“water management” AROUND(5) “technology assessment” – Vooral effectief om relevante lange teksten te vinden – Werkt helaas niet in Google Scholar!

8 Gebruik specifiekere term ["heart disease" "heart attack"]"heart disease" "heart attack" ["heart disease" "myocardial infarction"]"heart disease" "myocardial infarction" Op zoek naar professionele termen? – [chocolate thesaurus|glossary|dictionary]chocolate thesaurus|glossary|dictionary

9 Voeg een aspect toe ["water management"]"water management" ["water management" "technology assessment"]"water management" "technology assessment"

10 Boolean en Google: haakjes werken niet! OR gaat voor AND! a b OR c d a AND (b OR c) AND d a OR b c OR d (a OR b) AND (c OR d) [library technology OR systems]library technology OR systems [kinderen OR jongens OR meisjes OR tieners OR pubers dik OR zwaarlijvig OR zwaar OR overgewicht ziek OR ziekelijk OR ziekte OR ziektebeeld]kinderen OR jongens OR meisjes OR tieners OR pubers dik OR zwaarlijvig OR zwaar OR overgewicht ziek OR ziekelijk OR ziekte OR ziektebeeld

11 Additionele operatoren site:[bibliotheek]bibliotheek – [site:*.nasa.* inurl:education]site:*.nasa.* inurl:education ext:[crinipellis perniciosa ext:pdf]crinipellis perniciosa ext:pdf

12 Specifiek Google Scholar

13 General Google Scholar syntax Use ["phrase searching"]"phrase searching" Search for file type ["land degradation" ext:doc]"land degradation" ext:doc Search for specific domains ["land ownership"] !!!"land ownership" Search in titles [allintitle:anatomy plants water]allintitle:anatomy plants water Search with OR ["carbon dioxide" OR CO2]"carbon dioxide" OR CO2 Exclude terms ["nutrient cycling" –nitrogen]"nutrient cycling" –nitrogen Combine ["carbon dioxide" OR co2 intitle:"nutrient cycles" - phosphorus ext:pdf]"carbon dioxide" OR co2 intitle:"nutrient cycles" - phosphorus ext:pdf

14 Pas de settings aan! Search results – Number of results : 20 max – Open in a new window – Choose the right reference manager Languages – Also in available in Dutch Library links – Choose link resolver of your University

15 Searching for recent literature! Use publication years – In the advanced search – Or use the facets in search result – Sort by date???

16 Inclusion of word variants is unclear. (Google Scholar has a smaller dictionary than No verbatim search, but phrases do work! ["behaviour"]"behaviour" Parentheses () do not work in Google (Scholar)!

17 Search engine result page Ranking influenced by citations (older articles on top!)

18 Alerts galore For searching GS strings must be kept under 256 characters. For alerts GS strings must be kept under 100 characters My updates : Alerts based on the topics of your publications (different from my Citations)

19 My Citations & My Library My Citations – Your personal profile page, concentrating on publication lists and citations. – Identifies you co-author network My library – Your saved articles – Also lists all your references "cited by me" – No plugin for word processors (yet)

20 Google Scholar quality Coverage is still unclear – Coverage is constantly growing, probably the most comprehensive scholarly literature database (Harzing, 2014. Scientometrics 98 (1): 565-575. ) – Not all OA repositories are (fully) indexed ( – Concentrates on scientific articles, share of books is growing, Grey Lit from repositories partially included For systematic reviews Pubmed alone is insufficient, complementary searches in GS and other indexes are a necessity (Bramer, et al. 2013. Systematic Reviews 2 (1): 115. Metadata sometimes problematic, the version function under the snippet helps

21 Google Scholar and Google Google and Google Scholar are separate indexes! Google Scholar results are pushed in Google when searching for scientific subjects – Make use of that reminder! – But not the other way around Some repositories are covered by Google but not in Google Scholar, or partly covered in Google Scholar – Google Scholar [] – Google []

22 Google scholar is getting better at metadata &issn=0036-8075&issue=5857&journal=SCIENCE&hl=en&pages=1737- 1742&pmid=18079392&title=Coral%20reefs%20under%20rapid%20climate% 20change%20and%20ocean%20acidification&author=O%20Hoegh- Guldberg&publication_year=2007&volume=318 8075&issue=5857&pages=1737-1742&author=Hoegh- Guldberg&publication_year=2007&volume=318 8075&issue=5857&pages=1737-1742&author=Hoegh- Guldberg&publication_year=2007&volume=318

23 Bronnenkennis Wouter Gerritsma, Vrije Universiteit VOGIN

24 Wetenschappelijk zoekmachines Google Scholar Microsoft Academic Search DeepDyve Defunct: SciRus

25 Bibliografiën/metadazoekmachines PubMed Eric LISTA WorldWideScience

26 Boeken Catalogi Bibliotheek catalogi bijv: Open worldcat Hathi Trust DOAB: Fulltext boeken zoekers Google Booksearch Hathi Trust

27 E-books aggregators Proj Gutenberg Online Books Page Internet Archive texts Gallica, Bibliothèque Numérique Freebooks for doctors

28 Open Access Journals DOAJ Open J-Gate LivRe! PubMed Central Highwire Press Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB http://rzblx1.uni-

29 OA repositories OAI metadata zoekmachines Narcis BASE OAISTER: ArXiv Driver Directories of repositories ROAR openDOAR

30 Research data Research data repositories NL DANS 3TU.Datacentum Data portal Datacite Narcis searches DANS, 3TU.Datacentrum, the Language Archive and datasets from Tilburg University, Wageningen University, MPI, DANS-KNAW and CentERdata Directories of research data repositories Re3Data (in opbouw) OAD

31 Grey Literature Greynet Grijze Literatuur in Nederland (GLIN) GreySource OpenGrey Dissertaties en Proefschriften NDLTD (met verschillende suggesties) DART Europe Narcis is/Language/en is/Language/en

32 Patenten Patenten databases USPTO Espace WIPO Patenten zoekmachines Google patent Search Cambia patent lens (life science patenten)

33 Databases Genbank PubChem UniProt Database issue van NAR database overzicht. Database issue van NARdatabase overzicht

34 Wetenschappelijk nieuws Eureka Alert News@Nature Science Daily SciCentral Scientific American New Scientist Noorderlicht

35 Source:

36 Oorzaken van het diepe Web De informatie zit in databases Zoekmachine limiteringen Website limiteringen Cognitieve factoren Web 2.0

37 Het databases probleem Inhoud van databasese moeilijk te indexeren – Zoekmachines zien een invulscherm – Zoekmachines zien een “zoek” knop Database inhoud niet geoptimaliseerd voor WWW, records ranken lag Dit speelt ook met onze catalogi en repositories (Arlitsch, K., & O'Brien, P. S. (2012). Invisible institutional repositories: addressing the low indexing ratios of IRs in Google. Library Hi Tech, 30(1), 60-81.

38 Zoekmachinelimiteringen Bron: (2006)

39 Websitelimiteringen Robots.txt op de root directory Sitemap.xml voor grote sites Gebruik van javascript File formats zoals zip, flash worden niet/nauwelijks geindexeerdflash Tekst files zijn niet ge-ocr’dniet ge-ocr’d

40 Cognitieve factoren Mensen kijken niet verder dan hun neus langs is Bladeren niet voorbij de standaard 10 resultaten op 1e SERP

41 Web 2.0 Social media has exploded since 2005 Large social media sites (Facebook, Instagram are closed/partially closed platforms)

42 Oplossingen voor databases Zoek databases waar je ze kunt verwachten – CBS verzamelt statistieken en heft Statline, CBS in uw buurt CBSStatlineCBS in uw buurt Zoek naar databases over het onderwerp met als additionele termen woorden die naar databases verwijzen zoals: database, data, dataset, archive, bibliography, index, directory, register, zoek, search of statistics ["plane crash" | "aviation accidents" database]."plane crash" | "aviation accidents" database

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