De presentatie wordt gedownload. Even geduld aub

De presentatie wordt gedownload. Even geduld aub

Digital Cocooning Kenniskring Beroepsprofiel IAM 2015 Sabine Niederer Willem van Weelden Emilie Randoe.

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Presentatie over: "Digital Cocooning Kenniskring Beroepsprofiel IAM 2015 Sabine Niederer Willem van Weelden Emilie Randoe."— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 Digital Cocooning Kenniskring Beroepsprofiel IAM 2015 Sabine Niederer Willem van Weelden Emilie Randoe

2 March 12, 2015 Newsdesk BBC International Editing room gets newslist for broadcast ‘global economic trends’ Population demographics rapidly changing. In europe 50% of population older than 50%, in Asia 50% of population under 18 ICT sector hid hard by environmental tax Companies Dow Jones down with 12% points, Euronext up with 6%, Hongkong up with 20%

3 June 6, 2015, Den Haag, The Netherlands 16.30: Europees Hof voor de Rechten van de Mens: Undocumented People demand access to the iNode script

4 March 11, 2015, Internet 14.53: Security Department Assicurazione Generali The iNode script created a node in the network setenv networkaddr ”xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx” printenv networkaddr saveenv fsboot Generate temporary network address to provide access. Download iNode and type: Entering recovery mode, starting command prompt ] ] setenv networkaddr "01:1c:b2:1c:2b:40" setenv networkaddr "01:1c:b2:1c:2b:40" ] printenv networkaddr networkaddr "01:1c:b2:1c:2b:40" ] saveenv saveenv ] fsboot fsboot HFSInitPartition: 0x1806c298 Loading kernel cache at 0xb data starts at 0xb done gBootArgs.commandLine = [ ] usb_interrupt_write: No error A network address is generated for your mobile device. It will expire in 30 days.

5 Caffe degli Specchi in Triest Gabriela & Giacopo Naam: Gabriella Stocchetti Geboorteplaats: Bologna, Italië Geboortedatum: 14 april 1975 Woonplaats: Triest, Italië Burgerlijke staat: Samenwonend, met scenarioschrijver Giacopo Grallo Beroep: Programmeur op Security afdeling van AssicurazioneGeneraliin Triëst, Italië

6 March 11, 2015, New Delhi 17.00, Indira Ghandi International Airport Henry Odal, Investmanager Tatras Consultancy, on his way to Glasgow

7 March , Glasgow, United Kingdom AM, Carlton George Hotel Nightporter Mamadou Birkin is about to leave work

8 Naam: Mamadou Birkin Geboorteplaats: Ziguinchor, Senegal Geboortedatum: 16 juni 1973 Woonplaats: Glasgow, U.K. Burgerlijke staat: ongehuwd Beroep: Nachtportier Carlton George Hotel, Glasgow

9 Mamadou Birkin Geboortedatum /plaats : 16 Juni 1973, Ziguinchor, Senegal Ethniciteit : Serer Talen : Serer, Wolof, Frans, Engels, (Swahili) School : Lagere school, Ziguinchor, Sainte Eustephe Middelbare school, Dakar, MA Computer Science and Informatics, Cheikh Anta Diop Universiteit van Dakar, en de Universiteit van Mombassa, Kenia Op13 september 2006 gevlucht naar La Tejita, Tenerife vanuit de Senegalese havenstad Thiaroye. Na omzwervingen in Europa in het voorjaar van 2007 aangekomen in Glasgow, Schotland, alwaar hij middels een vluchtelingen project (Bridges Project) aan een baan is geholpen als nachtportier in het Carlton George Hotel. Hij heeft geen officiele status (sans papier). Maandinkomen: ongeveer 1350,- euro. Hij heeft meerdere gebruikte telefoons Voor verschillende diensten (voic , sms, telefonie). Vanwege zijn status kan hij geen aanspraak maken op een gewoon account.

10 March 12, 2015, Glasgow, UK Porterdesk Carlton George Hotel Henry asks Mamdou for icecream and the Hindu Times

11 March 12, 2015 Glasgow, UK 10.45: Room 314 Carlton George Hotel Henry Odal downloads iNode script as a gift to Mamadou and orders trial period tool and all applications 1.Select mobile device 2.Generate temporary network address to facilitate access:: setenv networkaddr "xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" printenv networkaddr saveenv fsboot 3.Copy applications folder to new network ID

12 March 12, 2015, Triest, Italy 10.45: Security department Assicurazione Generali Gabriele gets a call and is ordered to retrieve the iNode script

13 March 12, 2015, Glasgow, UK Delivery service on its way to Mamadou’s place: Henry ordered goodies for Mamadou to thank him

14 March 12, 2015, Triest, Italy 11.15: Assicurazione Generali Gabriele notices somebody activated an iNode account on a TSDS

15 March 12, 2015,, Glasgow, UK 12.30: Lunchroom Savoy Hotel Henry Odal has lunch with the Optimist International Club

16 March 12, 2015, somewhere on the streets in Glasgow UK PM: a cab stops and urges Mamadou to get in Mamadou is asked to deliver a key note speech about undocumented people and internet acces Scottish Conference and Exhibition Center Glasgow

17 March 12, 2015, staircase Savoy Hotel, Glasgow, UK : journalists tracked down Henry Odal Who is your beneficiary of the iNode script?

18 March 12, 2015, Glasgow, UK 14.47: Henry activates Invisible Mode He logs of and out of everything

19 March 12, 2015 Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre 15.30: Mamadou delivers his speech and makes a big impression ECIIT recruiter Bruce Middleton would like to get Mamadou on boards Bruce Middleton, Project Manager, Transnational Partnership ECITT, task force ASAP

20 March 12, 2015, Berlusconi Prensa Centre, Triest, Italy 17.00: Gabriele gives press conference on the societal benefits of iNode Script: ‘I meant no harm’

21 March 12, 2015 Newsdesk BBC International Editing room gets newslist for broadcast ‘strangely interrelated internetevents Datascript iNode released, trading in Assicurazione Generali halted, programmer stated she meant no harm Mamadou Birkin in key note speach: ‘Undocumented people have a right and a need to acces internet too’ Parliaments across the world: ‘ Internet rights of undocumented people is a serious issue, iNode script is a pretty good solution Tatras investment consultant Henry Odal disappeared from the globe, family and company afraid that something happened to him.

22 March 12, 2015, Glasgow UK, Triest Italy 23.00: Gabriele gets a call from Vitti: I need to see you at : henry enjoys dinner at the Salvation Army 23.00: Mamadou is in doubt about the ECIIT offer

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