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EML en IMS Learning Design

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1 EML en IMS Learning Design
Educreator IMS LD level A editor

2 Presentatie overzicht
Inleiding IMS LD en EML Psychologie cursus OU Democursus Educreator met democursus Educreator

3 Learning Design: A basic Overview
What is Learning Design? Learning Design is a specification which describes learning scenarios that can be presented online and shared between systems and learners IMS Learning Design is a specification used to describe learning scenarios. It allows these scenarios to be presented to learners online, and enables them to be shared between systems..

4 EML and Learning Design
Educational Modelling Language (EML) Voorloper IMS LD Door OU eind jaren negentig ontwikkeld Beschikbaar gesteld: december 2000 Opgenomen in standardisatieproces, vormt basis voor …. IMS Learning Design v1.0 Final Specification Approved: 10 februari 2003

5 IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc.
In 1997 opgericht, twee doelen: “Defining the technical specifications for interoperability of applications and services in distributed learning” “Supporting the incorporation of the IMS specifications into products and services worldwide” Denk aan: uitwisselbaarheid van inhoud, maar ook inkoop van stukken software OU is contributing member (stemrecht) Ook Apple, Blackboard, Microsoft, WebCT, Cisco, Sun, Texas Instruments, …+/- 50

6 EML and Learning Design (2)
Some important differences:

7 Characteristics IMS LD
Pedagogical meta model Offers a level of abstraction enabling different educational models to be described Moves the focus from Learning Objects to Learning Activities …. IMS Learning Design: Interoperability of e- learning content & processes Binding to XML Metamodel is toneelmetaphoor.

8 Three Levels of Implementation
IMS Learning Design has 3 Levels: Level A is the core language Level B adds properties and conditions to Level A Level C adds notifications to Level B Why? To allow staged implementations To accommodate Simple Sequencing Particularly to allow vendors that have already implemented Simple Sequencing, to reuse it in LD Levels of implementationThere are three implementation levels within IMS Learning Design:Level A contains the core of IMS Learning Design: people, activities and resources, and their coordination through the method, play, act and role-parts elements. This simply provides for a series of time ordered learning activities to be performed by learners and teachers, using learning objects and/or services. Level B adds greater control and complexity through the use of properties and conditions. Properties may be internal (local) or external (global). They are used to store information about a person, such as test results or learner preferences; a role, such as whether the role is for a full-time or part-time learner; or a learning design itself. Internal properties persist only during a single run of a learning design, while external properties retain their values beyond the end of a run, and can be accessed from different runs and/or different learning designs. Currently the reuse of external properties is confined to the learning design author or to agreed usage within a community or institution. However, it is intended that external properties will include the use of those that are defined externally and widely agreed upon, such as the accessibility fields defined in the IMS Learner Information Package specification. Conditions allow the learning flow to be constrained according to specific circumstances, preferences or learner characteristics. For instance, a particular learner may be presented with resources in random order, if their learning style or preference requires this. Level C offers the opportunity for more sophisticated learning designs through notifications (messaging), which allow for notification of new activities to be triggered automatically in response to events in the learning process. It enables the automation of learning flow activities, which are triggered by the completion of tasks, rather than the learning flows being pre-planned. For instance, a teacher may be notified by that an assignment has been submitted and needs marking; once the score has been posted, the learner may be notified to undertake a new activity according to the result.

9 Hoe maak je een IMS LD leerervaring?
Modeleer een leerproces in de IMS-LD ‘taal’ Speel dit model af in een IMS-LD-aware speler; Lijkt op het proces van het beschrijven van inhoud met HTML en het interpreteren hiervan door een browser

10 IMS-LD concepts People act in different roles
by performing learning and/or support activities within an environment, consisting of learning objects and services used in the performance of the activities. Lijkt op een toneelstuk ….

11 play Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Act 4 Act 5 Role-part 1 Role-part 2 Role-part 4
Activity Environment Learning objects Learning services Activity- Description

12 Learning Design Model

13 Educreator Educreator IMS-LD level A editor Nog geen IMS-LD player
EML output ook mogelijk EML player Edubox (OU) Zip bestand met xml files naar Edubox server Educontent EML content editor

14 Presentatie overzicht
Inleiding IMS LD en EML Psychologie cursus OU Democursus Educreator met democursus Educreator

15 Inleiding in de Psychologie
Cursus bij OU 1000 studenten Edubox (EML player)










25 Presentatie overzicht
Inleiding IMS LD en EML Psychologie cursus OU Democursus Educreator met democursus Educreator









34 Presentatie overzicht
Inleiding IMS LD en EML Psychologie cursus OU Democursus Educreator met democursus Educreator










44 Presentatie overzicht
Inleiding IMS LD en EML Psychologie cursus OU Democursus Educreator met democursus Educreator








52 Opmerkingen Educreator
Java applicatie Geen help file of webpagina met info Alleen IMS LD level A Geen contentmanagement Alles overbrengen Alleen structuur Alleen Edubox (EML player) Educontent spartaans Geen WYSIWYG

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