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Clemens Duyvesteijn ExxonMobil Chemical / Refining

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Presentatie over: "Clemens Duyvesteijn ExxonMobil Chemical / Refining"— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 Clemens Duyvesteijn ExxonMobil Chemical / Refining
Atex Introductie Clemens Duyvesteijn ExxonMobil Chemical / Refining

2 electrical equipment In zone 0 + 1 check marking Unchanged
Δ H A C (substantial modi fication ATEX 137) New classified areas (NGG zone) areas w/changed classification (zone, T, group) Substantial modification V V I s Unchanged area classification VVI issued after inspection Review against CENELEC / ATEX 95 standards modifications possible In zone 0,1 resp 20,21 immediate replacement review mainte-nance manage ment system (all zones) In zone 2, 22 immediate check electrical equipment In zone check marking

3 EN 1127 and failure mode heuristic
Non-electrical equipment H A C FMEAs based on EN 1127 and failure mode heuristic V V I s zone 2 zone 22 zone 0 + 1 zone Generic IHAs for II A,B + T6 Check during maintenance FMEA for IIC Immediate Check

4 Portable equipment becomes a temporary workplace ATEX Expert I
z o n e 1 + 2 z o n e 0 becomes a temporary workplace J S A + foreseeable malfunctions no V V I review of spec + working / maintenance instructions against intended use by an Expert I no V V I ATEX Expert I Temporary EPD A V I E P D

5 ATEX 137 Ignition Sources Hot surfaces Flames and hot gases
Mechanically generated sparks Stray Electrical currents Static electricity Lightning Radio frequency (RF) Ignition Ultrasonic Adiabatic compression and shock waves Exothermic reactions (incl. self ignition of dusts)

6 Apparatuur indeling volgens OREDA
Machinerie Elektrische apparatuur Mechanische apparatuur Instrumentatie en beveiliging

7 Generiek Machinerie volgens OREDA (zone 2)
Soort ExxonMobil typical % Compressoren Reciprocating 45 Gasturbines Stoomturbine 99 Pompen Centifugaal 66 Verbrandingsmotoren Gas 91 Turbo expanders

8 Generiek Mechanische Apparatuur (zone 2)
Warmtewisselaars Leidingen Filters Reactoren Destilatiekolommen Tanks

9 Generieke overige apparatuur (zone 2)
Afsluiters Mixers Centrifuges Hulpsystemen (voor pompen, compressoren etc)

10 Belangrijkste resultaten voor zone 2 equipment
Nader onderzoek voor hete oppervlakken Confirm that diesel driven pumps are located in a Non Hazardous Area Anti static belts used to replace current belts. Confirm all belts are alredy replaced by anti-static type. LP steam used for tracing. Electrical tracing is Ex certified

11 Specific Ignition Hazard Assessment
ROP 4 Items RAP 8 Items RAF 25 Items Mainly pumps in confined spaces (Waste Water Treatment Plant)

12 Specific IHA Procedure
Collect data (BOM)

13 Identify Ignition sources

14 Identify Faulures

15 Evaluate Likelihood and Duration

16 Determine suitable zone


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