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IST Status 1 Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen IST-MIT meeting BNL, July 24, 2008.

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Presentatie over: "IST Status 1 Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen IST-MIT meeting BNL, July 24, 2008."— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 IST Status 1 Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen IST-MIT meeting BNL, July 24, 2008

2 2 IST FY08 R&D Prototyping Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen APV25-S1 CF Ladder PHOBOS IV sensors PrePrototype Kapton hybrid-cable Carbon-Carbon FY08 IST prototype module

3 IST FY08 prototype top view Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen 3

4 IST 'FY08' prototype side view Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen 4

5 IST FY08 prototype hybrid I Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen 5 This part folds underneath the ladder 1 meter long for prototype

6 IST FY08 prototype hybrid II Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen 6 1/2mil K + 1mil Glue + 17um Cu + 1mil K + 1mil Glue + 1/2mil K → 0.07 %Xo + 0.12 %Xo → ~ 0.2 %Xo → 0.07 %Xo + 0.12 %Xo → ~ 0.2 %Xo

7 IST FY08 prototype C-C substrate Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen 7

8 8 IST Readout Chips Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen 100 APV25-S1 Readout Chips need to be procured from Imperial College ---> Funds are available, OK ---> Funds are available, OK BUT, we also want to secure ALL chips needed for both FGT and IST → Will try to do this through FGT construction funds = lower overhead! funds = lower overhead! → Should happen before end of July? → Gerrit will pick them up in London?

9 9 Bonding machine and Probe station Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen Hughes wire bonder has been serviced and put back on service contract Test bonding with 0.8 mil Al wire was successful Test bonding on kapton is under way Alessi automatic probe station is, for the most part, functional again No service contract possible, but it is a simple machine and we have 2 New controlling PC is being connected

10 IST pre-prototype module Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen Bonding feasibility and cable/hybrid prototype Bonding machine has been serviced, needs some setup time Proof of principle that we can bond on Kapton When finished needs to be tested with old readout system 10

11 11 IST FY08 prototype sensors Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen 10 PHOBOS Inner Vertex sensors have arrived from UIC arrived from UIC IV probing has been done Some PN test keys done → Full Depletion Voltage → Full Depletion Voltage Capacitance and Pinhole scan of all channels have to wait until probestation has been equiped with PC again Most important is the leakage current of active area and guard, we don't care too much about individual broken channels for a prototype

12 12 IST FY08 prototype sensors IV tests Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen OK OK OK OK?

13 13 IST FY08 Ladders (and Mounting)‏ Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen When the size of the hybrid is fixed Make ladder design similar to ATLAS upgrade staves → Jim & Gerrit → Jim & Gerrit Have a prototype ladder produced by LBNL → Eric Anderson → Eric Anderson

14 14 IST FY09 R&D production prototype Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen

15 15 IST FY09 R&D Hamamatsu sensors I Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen

16 16 IST FY09 R&D Hamamatsu sensors III Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen ~$500k for production sensors ~$110k for FY09 R&D prototypes

17 17 IST Conceptual Design Report Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen

18 18 IST Conclusions Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen MIT-LNS Silicon facility for 80% operational again Prototype silicon sensors acquired Readout chips will be ordered soon Kapton hybrid/cable feasible, will be ordered next week Carbon-Carbon substrate will be ordered next week Ladder request to Eric will go out next week Prototypes ready end of October 2008 Hamamatsu quote within budget Working on CDR

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