De presentatie wordt gedownload. Even geduld aub

De presentatie wordt gedownload. Even geduld aub

MET 7 KANTOOR. NAAR PRAAG. Vertrek: zondag 19 maart. Terug: zaterdag 25 maart.

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Presentatie over: "MET 7 KANTOOR. NAAR PRAAG. Vertrek: zondag 19 maart. Terug: zaterdag 25 maart."— Transcript van de presentatie:


2 Vertrek: zondag 19 maart. Terug: zaterdag 25 maart

3 Kostprijs: 260 euro

4 In de prijs zijn inbegrepen: - busreis heen en terug - 5 overnachtingen met ontbijt - avondmaal op zondag 19 maart - alle toegangsgelden (Terezín, Strahov kostel, Joodse wijk …)

5 Reis in samenwerking. met Sint Amand Kortrijk TSO 7de specialisatiejaren - commercieel webverkeer - Reis in samenwerking. met Sint Amand Kortrijk TSO 7de specialisatiejaren - commercieel webverkeer -

6 Deze reis is voor hen opgevat als buitenlandse stage 15 leerlingen Waaronder Nele Montmorency 7KG verleden jaar

7 Begeleidende leerkrachten Sint Amand Kortrijk Sint Amand Kortrijk - R. Deboeuf ICT coördinator - R. Deboeuf ICT coördinator - F. Berthier - F. Berthier Sint Jozef Oostende Sint Jozef Oostende - H. Dekien - H. Dekien - G. Carton - G. Carton

8 Voorlopig programma 19 maart: heenreis 19 maart: heenreis 20 maart: eerste verkennende wandeling 20 maart: eerste verkennende wandeling 21 maart: beurs, bedrijf, Praagse burcht 21 maart: beurs, bedrijf, Praagse burcht 22 maart: beurs, bedrijf, Vysehrad 22 maart: beurs, bedrijf, Vysehrad 23 maart: beurs, bedrijf, art nouveau 23 maart: beurs, bedrijf, art nouveau 24 maart: Terezin (Theresienstadt), … 24 maart: Terezin (Theresienstadt), … 25 maart: terugreis 25 maart: terugreis

9 Volledige invulling programma - 4 begeleidende leerkrachten komen in de loop van november samen in in de loop van november samen in Kortrijk. Kortrijk. - Alle suggesties zijn natuurlijk welkom.

10 Hotel Twin in stadsdeel Opatov tel.: +420-271 196 254, +420-272 931 308 fax: +420-271 196 252, +420-271 196 966 e-mail: Nad Opatovem 2141 Prague 4 149 Hotel TWIN OPATOV *** Nad Opatovem 2140, 149 00, Prague 4 Operator/reception:tel.: +420-271 196 333, fax: +420-271 196 296 e-mail: reception-opatov@horst.czDirector secretary: tel.: +420-267 913 681, fax: +420-271 196 291 e-mail: Sales manager:tel.: +420-271 931 308, fax: +420-271 196 252 e-mail: sales-opatov@horst.czService department:tel.: +420-271 196 298 e-mail: Restaurant:tel.: +420-271 196 295 e-mail:

11 Hotel Opatov Twin is located near the highway Prague - Brno, but it is still away from heavy traffic in a quiet part of Prague in an absolutely perfect location with respect to the metro station Opatov on the line C. The location allows for an easy and quick acces to the Prague's center both via your own transportion and via the public transportion system - about 15 min. Hotel Opatov Twin is a twenty-floor modern building with interiors of **+ standard. There are 94 apartments in the hotel. There is an exchange office, extended reception services from ticket reservation to car rental available in hotel Opatov. We are offering wide range of dishes and drings in hotel restaurant, snack bars. An integral part of the hotel is an adjacent non-stop guarded parking place.

12 Kamerindeling:. per twee of per drie

13 Accommodatie kamers Hotel Opatov offers bargain-price accommodation in two and tree bed apartments with an option to add an extra beds and with its own bathroom. The spacious apartments are equipped with a TV with satellite reception, telephone and refrigerator. Accomodation price covers a cafeteria breakfast served in the hotel's restaurant and also other food services are provided upon guest's

14 Gastronomie The hotel restaurant is furnished in a simple practical style. It's capacity is 80 seats. It is offering residential breakfast, groups boarding and arranging of various actions for closed companies.

15 De beurs virtuele kantoren 12th Trade Fair of Student Companies 2006, which is organized by students company Antre, Inc. at Obchodní akademie Prague 10, Heroldovy sady 1 21rd - 23rd March 2006, Prague - Czech Republic Prague Exhibition Centre - Křížíkův Pavilion “E”

16 Tuesday 21st March 2006 9.00 AM - 10.00 AMPresentation at the organisers’ booth (Antre company) 10.00 AM - 1.00 PMSet up of the booths 1.30 PM- 5.00 PM Official Opening Ceremony with the attendance of V.I.P. guests Introduction of the conditions for the competitions Trades and business among student companies, social programme (rehearsals of the performance appearing the next day) Wednesday 22nd March 2006 9.00 AMOpening for the public 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM First exhibition day for the public, public trading 5.00 PM - 7.00 PMSocial Evening for participants (refreshment, live music) Thursday 23rd March 2006 9.00 AM - 1.00 PMSecond exhibition day for the public 12.00 AM - 1.00 PM The competitions-winners proclamation Official closing ceremony 1.00 PM - 2.00 PMDismantling, handing of the booths over to the Antre Company

17 OPGELET Niet iedereen moet van begin tot einde op de beurs staan. Er is een beurtrol voorzien, en daarnaast vinden er tegelijkertijd ook uitstappen plaats. Beurtrol wordt in overleg opgesteld met de twee intern begeleiders, en zal een stukje afhangen van het al of niet willen meemaken van bepaalde uitstappen.

18 PAYMENT Real payment Participation fee is EUR 100. The fee includes the standard equipment. You will receive the invoice in January 2006. The fee must be paid by Bank Transfer to the bank account No. 0283384349/0800 Česká spořitelna, a. s. Prague. IBAN: CZ98 0800 0000 0002 8338 4349. This possibility we recomend rather for foreign participants. Variable symbol is the number of the invoice, which you will have in January 2006. Please send us a photocopy by December 31st, 2005 at the latest. Fictitious payment The fictitious invoice will be sent to you after receiving the filled-in form for the technical equipment of your booth. The payment must be paid in cash. Please, send a copy of the ”Cash document” by mail to our mailing address. The copy must contain a valid signature and company stamps.

19 TRANSPORT You can reach the Prague Exhibition Centre by underground to the station Nádraží Holešovice and then by Tram (No. 5, 15, 17) getting off at the Výstaviště station, which is located right in front of the Exhibition Site. There might be some changes in the way how to reach the Exhibition centre. If those appeared, we would let you know. All the exhibits and the equipment you bring can be delivered directly to the hall B, where the trade fair is going to be held. Parking is available in front of the Exhibition Centre.

20 THE BOOTH EQUIPMENT - STANDARD Standard equipment of the booth:dimensions 3 x 1 m 1 table 3 chairs 1 spotlighting floor carpeting Payment: The participant fee EUR 100,- contains the standard equipment. For example: BLACK GOLD, GmbH AUSTRIA Hamerlingplatz 5-6, 1080 Wien, Austrianumber of the booth

21 THE BOOTH EQUIPMENT - HIGH-STANDARD You can also order higher standard equipment mentioned below. Any high-standard orders are charged with extra payments in CZK. The payment for such an equipment will be charged on-site at the trade fair. Showcase1 x 0,5 mCZK 900,-- Counter 1 x 0,5 x 2 mCZK 400,-- Book-shelf1x 0,5 x 2 mCZK 650,-- ChairCZK 82,-- Table 0,6 x 1,2 or 0,8 x 0,8 m CZK 137,-- Electric connection (220 V) CZK 682,-- 1 m2 above standard stand (3 x 1 m)3 x 950 CZK = CZK 2850,--

22 IMPORTANT AND OBLIGATORY DATES By Wednesday, November 30, 2005 at the latest deliver to our address: -Properly filled, signed and stamped registration form By Friday, January 27, 2006 at the latest deliver to our address: - Requests for high-standard equipment - The exact text for the sign, which will be placed on your booth (company, school, address…) By Friday, February 24, 2006 at the latest deliver to our address: - The exact information about the insurance - It is neccessary do point out the in form of presentation (XI. COMPANY PRESENTATION)

23 Nog enkele impressies van Praag














37 The end

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