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Een open-source Spatial DBMS

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Presentatie over: "Een open-source Spatial DBMS"— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 Een open-source Spatial DBMS
MonetDB spatial Een open-source Spatial DBMS Media Plaza/Het gebruik van OS software in GEO-ICT Wilko Quak

2 Overzicht TUDelft / OTB / Sectie GISt / GeoInfoNed Project
De spatial DBMS markt. Categorie-en van DBMS gebruikers Intermezzo: spatial DBMS. MonetDB en MonetDB (spatial) De toekomst van MonetDB (spatial) MonetDB spatial

3 GIS technology MonetDB spatial

4 GISt visie Spatial Information Infrastructure (SII), a vision…
Heading towards an information society with varying impact on sectors of our economy Impact on the geo-information sector is huge: geo-info and processing can be transported via (wireless) networks and can be combined with positioning Engines of the SII nodes: geo-DBMSs (Data Base Management Systems) filled with geo-data Fair pricing of data and services, no more endless copying of data (and loss of quality/up-to-dateness) MonetDB spatial

5 GISt: scientific/technological goal
Central research theme geo-DBMS as ‘glue’ between: 3D spatio-temporal modeling Computational geometry Distributed GI processing Mobile GIS (LBS) Knowledge engineering Ambition: top 1 (3) of geo-DBMS Universities in the world MonetDB spatial

6 Geo Database Management Center
TU Delft open R&D center ‘geo-DBMS’ Partnerships with ICT industry: Oracle, ESRI, Bentley ‘Database lab’ and ‘3D GIS/VR lab’ Website for Communication/ documentation Internet GIS MonetDB spatial

7 Met welk onderzoek kan de Sectie GISt bijdragen?
Onderzoek naar bruikbaarheid bestaande producten (benchmarken) Wat mist er nog Meedenken met ontwikkelingen Eigen DBMS ontwikkelen als research vehikel: GeoInfoNed Project MonetDB spatial

8 GeoInfoNed – RGI-232 MonetDB spatial

9 wie CWI – Leading DBMS experts with MonetDB
TUDelft/OTB – Knowledge of spatial processes CycloMedia – Huge dataset and interesting problems RWS/AGI – Large and diverse datasets and interesting problems MonetDB spatial

10 We gaan een spatial DBMS bouwen en daar onderzoek mee doen.
Wat We gaan een spatial DBMS bouwen en daar onderzoek mee doen. Is er nog wel ruimte op de markt? Een inventarisatie: Aanbieders Gebruikers MonetDB spatial

11 De spatial DBMS markt (aanbieders)
Oracle – Marktleider commerciele segment Informix/DB2 – Prima implemenatie. Niet erg actief PostgreSQL/PostGIS – ‘Marktleider’ open-source SQLServer – komt binnenkort MySQL – open-source, beperkte functionaliteit MonetDB spatial

12 Spatial DBMS markt (gebuikers)
4 classes: Server Builders: publish spatial data via web server GIS User: Load various datasets and perform complex analyses Data Maintainer: Maintain one core dataset Power Users: All of the above and more MonetDB spatial

13 Class 1: Web Server Builders
Runs under GeoServer You do not really need a DBMS for this (You use a fraction of DBMS functionality) Only one query counts: Find everything within BBOX. Multi-User Small Queries MonetDB spatial

14 Class 2: GIS users Full fledges GIS is much more powerful but SQL experts might be tempted Main interest is functionality Spend more time on loading data Need a good query optimizer Data mining MonetDB spatial

15 Class 3: Dataset Maintainers
Limited number of queries. 24/7 stability Transactions. Clustering of data after updates is interesting. MonetDB spatial

16 Class 4: Power users All of the above and more
Take time to understand software Run into research problems: Point clouds from laser-scanning Support 3d-volumes Realtime dynamic data MonetDB spatial

17 Intermezzo: Spatial DBMS
Spatial data types Operaties op types Indexeren op types MonetDB spatial

18 Spatial Data Types Basic types: Point Line Polygon
More Complex: 3D, Geodetic Coordinates MonetDB spatial

19 Spatial Data types volgens OpenGIS
Point LineString LinearRing Polygon MultiPoint MultiLineString MultiPolygon MonetDB spatial

20 Functions op spatial types
MonetDB spatial

21 Indexeren spatial types
R-tree puts MBR on object MBR : minimum bounding rectangle Object can be of type point, line or region At lowest (leaf) level objects are grouped to larger MBR’s, which can be grouped (and so on .....) D F E G H J K A C L N M B I A B C D E F G H I J K L M N Branching factor 4 Einde Intermezzo MonetDB spatial

22 MonetDB Introduction*
MonetDB is opens Hardware trends MonetDB design considerations MonetDB architecture *Slides borrowed from CWI MonetDB spatial

23 Hardware Trends 50% p/year: - cpu speed - mem size - mem bandwidth
- disk bandwidth 1% p/year: - mem latency 10% p/year: - disk latency

24 Latency is the enemy! Commercial DBMS products (oracle, DB2, SQLserver) stem from OLTP roots focus on minimizing random I/Os => depend on latency! MonetDB: built for bulk access optimize CPU and memory performance

25 MonetDB design considerations
Multi-model database kernel support Extensible data types, operators, accelerators Database hot-set is memory resident Simple data structures are better Index management should be automatic Do not replicate the operating system Optimize when you know the situation Cooperative transaction management MonetDB spatial

26 MonetDB product family
End-user application SQL XQuery JDBC ODBC Python Perl PHP C-mapi lib MAPI protocol Monet kernels MonetDB spatial

State-of-the-art SQL & XQuery DBMS; multi-model database support; decomposed storage model; query processing for decision support systems; extensible kernel; multiple APIs;….. strength Triggers and SQL procs missing; XQuery; some overhead in simple SQL queries; MIL scripting; missing GIS module weakness Commercial systems requirements; competition established market; floating interest; development skills and quality awareness threats Unique selling points for advanced applications in multimedia, streaming, covering both small and the large world opportunities GET INSPIRED BY ADVANCED APPLICATIONS MonetDB spatial

28 MonetDB - Physical data organization
Binary Association Tables MonetDB spatial

29 Spatial MonetDB MonetDB spatial

30 Spatial MonetDB -- nu Eerste implementatie in volgende release (Q4).
OpenGIS implementatie gebaseerd op PostGIS OpenJUMP plugin Shape2MonetDB converter GeoTools Plugin (in ontwikkeling) MonetDB spatial

31 Spatial MonetDB – de toekomst
MonetDB moet het hebben van zijn speciale architectuur. Uitdagingen: Puntenwolken van Laserscanner. Data-minen op grote spatio-temporele datasets. XML-Data. Saaier werk: Testen huidige implementatie debuggen MonetDB spatial

32 Vragen Discussie MonetDB spatial

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