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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Partner Sales Readiness Seminar

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Presentatie over: "Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Partner Sales Readiness Seminar"— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Partner Sales Readiness Seminar
Hubert & Anouk |

2 Seminar Objectives Wat is de waarde propositie van Dynamics AX 2009
Wat zijn de USP’s (unique selling points)? Hoe kunt u die het beste demonstreren? Hoe zal Dynamics AX 2009 u kunnen helpen in competitieve situaties Het identificeren van “Business Issues” & klantpijnpunten die door Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 geadresseerd worden Overzicht van alle hulpmiddelen & resources die er voor u zijn Positionering Dynamics AX 2009 (Branches / Segment / Competitie) Overzicht van de Launch Planning in Nederland – hoe kunt u aanhaken. Wat verwachten wij van u?

3 Agenda Deel 1 (Anouk) New Features and Technologies in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 & uitgebreide demo’s System Architecture and Pricing (Pre) Sales Tips Demo to Win Demo Show Case Objection handling Conclusies & samenvatting Call To Actions

4 Seminar Agenda Deel 2 (Hubert)
Dynamics AX 2009 Branches Voor welke branches is Dyn AX 2009 geschikt? Waar doen wij momenteel onze business In welke branches willen wij nog meer business gaan doen? (MABA) “Target Customers” Per Industrie / Per grootte / Per Segment / Per Type Discussie Welke branche gaat u voor? Heeft u al voor een segment gekozen? Welke oplossing gaat u hiervoor inzetten? Hoe zit het met de fit van Dynamics AX 2009 met deze branche? Competitie Dynamics Awareness Onderzoek Call To Actions

5 Seminar Agenda Deel 3 (Hubert)
Launch Doelstellingen Launch Planning To Partner To Customer To Prospect Event in a box Call-To-Actions Eind conclusie & samenvatting

6 Introductie Wie ben je Wat is je ervaring met AX tot nu toe
Noem a.j.b. 1 vraag waar je vandaag absoluut antwoord op wilt hebben Hoe gaat jouw organisatie zich proberen te onderscheiden in de Markt? Hoe zal Dynamics AX (2009) daarin kunnen helpen?

7 Deel 1: Dynamics AX 2009

8 Om in de stemming te komen
Dynamics AX 2009

9 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Take your business into the future
Improve productivity Manage change Compete globally Simplify compliance

10 Improve Productivity Customer Challenges (“Pains”)
Software is difficult to learn and use Difficult to figure out how to perform tasks, what to do next Unable to access reports, forms, data critical to completing my work Unable to convert data into meaningful information required for decision making Need to go to the IT department to get reports Excess time spent creating reports in Excel Collaboration with team members is time consuming Who will be experiencing these challenges? All users (financial, purchasing, sales) All management

11 Improve Productivity Help people work smarter and faster
Benefits Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Capabilities Manage work more effectively Make informed decisions Customize own reports and intelligence Enhance collaboration Easy access to information 32 new Role Centers, familiar user experience , easy navigation, task lists Enhanced Business Intelligence including pre-defined analysis cubes, role tailored reports, self-service reporting, performance dashboards Unified communication and presence information, Global Address Book Enterprise Portal, Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office enables affordable access for all employees

12 demo Improve Productivity

13 Role Centers Available in the Windows client or Enterprise Portal
Provide at-a-glance business overview above the data to monitor business performance Create a summary of each person’s work and present it in one, made-for-that user default page Helps users plan and prioritize their work Put work into consumable chunks Notify users of work to keep the (work)flow going This software was made just for me Users/businesses can personalize Home Pages ISVs can add parts

14 Enhanced Business Intelligence
SharePoint Server DELIVER Reports Dash boards Excel Workbooks Analytic Views Scorecards Plans END USER TOOLS AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT APPS PerformancePoint Server BI PLATFORM SQL Server Reporting Services Analysis Services SQL Server RDBMS SQL Server Integration Services

15 Enhanced Business Intelligence
Microsoft Dynamics AX Role Centers Excel Reporting Services Microsoft Dynamics AX Database

16 Conclusie Self Service BI Rolgebaseerde UI: WSS of MOSS 2007
Unified Communications: office communication server (OCS)– office communicator, unified worklist en global adress book in AX Voordelen Meer gebruikers toegevoegde waarde in toegang tot ERP Makkelijker intuitief navigeren (webbrowser, listpage, areapages) – leercurve kleiner Continue accurate info gefundeerde beslissingen Efficient communiceren – snel actie nemen – juiste contactgegevens BI voor iedereen via bekende tools maar voordelen van Dynamics AX business logica en security control

17 Call To Action Sales – Marketing: Consultants – Developers:
Verticalisatie van rolcenters, BI mogelijkheden, list- en areapages BI propositie “ Unified Communication” Ga zelf met OCS ad slag Start gesprek met klanten… Zoek partnership UC (NecPhilips, Dimension Data, E-Office, Actis, HP,.…link Information Worker – UC competentie Consultants – Developers: AX What’s New features (technisch – functioneel) Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS) …MOSS 2007 SQL BI – SQL BI Development Studio (Visual Studio)


19 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Take your business into the future
Improve productivity Manage change

20 Manage Change & Growth Customer Challenges (“Pains”)
Software is not easy to adapt or customize to new or changing business processes Software is not upgradeable once it has been customized Software doesn’t support best practices or business processes in place Need to add hardware to support growing transaction volumes Software supports business processes in one division but not in another Need to add programmers to support changing needs of organization Existing software unable to handle the business complexities that larger enterprises in multiple jurisdictions typically encounter Consolidation of divisional accounts Shared AR and AP services Manual rollups, spreadsheets, imports/exports, improper financial controls Who will be experiencing these pains? CIO; IT Manager CEO Management – Financial, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing Users

21 Manage Change & Growth Help businesses to be flexible and adapt to the user and market demands Benefits Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Capabilities Increase organizational agility Adapt internal processes to changing demands Easily operate your business across multiple companies with centralized deployment and shared service center Grow with a long-term solution Workflow capabilities Strong improvements in performance and scalability Intercompany eliminations and allocations Shared AP and AR service support; centralized payments

22 Jim Enters Expense Report
Pillar 1 Workflow Overview Design Configuration Workflow Template Workflow Workflow Begins Workflow Completed Workflow Instance Jim Enters Expense Report Expense Approval Expense Report Posted Frank Approves All Sue Approves if > $5K Ann Approves if > $10K

23 demo Manage Change & Growth

24 Workflow A business process that is “embedded” into the system
Out-of-the-box templates Easy to configure and adapt Delegate Safe limits Single approver Multiple approvers Majority of approvers / percentage of approvers 1st line manager Approval based on role, hierarchy or user Escalation Supports multiple languages Version controls

25 Out-of-the-Box Workflow Templates
General Ledger General journal, ledger allocations, fixed assets, fixed assets budget Accounts Receivables Payment journal, draw bill of exchange journal, protest bill of exchange journal, redraw bill of exchange journal, remittance journal, settle bill of exchange journal Accounts Payables Invoice register, invoice approval journal, invoice journal, payment journal, draw promissory note journal, redraw promissory note journal, remittance journal, settle promissory note journal Trade and Source Purchase requisition approval Project Accounting Project purchase requisition approval Expense Management Cash advance request template, expense template, non-project line item workflow template, project expense line workflow template

26 Conclusie Role Center: Enterprise Portal (WSS of MOSS2007) –
Workflow: Templates configureren in AX, MorphX Development, Windows Workflow Foundation – hosted in IIS  Voordelen Meer gebruikers toegevoegde waarde in toegang tot ERP via nieuwe functionaliteit: expense management, aankoopaanvraag,…via het web – single sign on Meer functionaliteiten (workflow, shared service center, …)out of the box om in te spelen op behoefte prospecten Business analyst kan workflow aanpassen via configuratie van templates – approval hierarchie - policies Gebruiker: notifications, delegation, escalation Developer: Integratie standaard Microsoft .NET technolgie

27 Call To Action Sales en Marketing: Consultants – Developers:
Verticalisatie van rolcenters en workflow templates Portal propositie Upsell: nieuwe modules en functionaliteit voor bestaande klanten Compelling events bij nieuwe klanten obv nieuwe functionaliteiten Virtualisatie Consultants – Developers: AX What’s new functioneel SQL 2008 – Windows Server 2008 development (visual studio)– Enterprise portal Windows Workflow Foundation – Internet Information Services

28 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Take your business into the future
Improve productivity Manage change Compete globally

29 Compete Globally Customer Challenges (“Pains”)
Software can’t adapt as new warehouses and production centers are added – manual or cumbersome supply chain management Need for third party programs to fill in gaps in functionality Difficult or time consuming to share information or collaborate with partners, suppliers and customers Missed opportunities Existing software unable to accommodate expansion into new countries and jurisdictions Language requirements Taxes Regulations Who will be experiencing these challenges? CEO, CFO, Accounting Department at HQ and Subsidiary Locations Everyone at Subsidiary Locations, Supply chain, Sales IT Manager; CIO

30 Compete Globally Manage the complexities of a global organization by consolidating and standardizing processes and providing visibility across your organization Benefits Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Capabilities Multi-Site capabilities Support for 40 languages Localized for 36 countries Support for bi-directional (Arabic) languages Service-oriented architecture that can adapt to changes in process or business model Enhanced support for Web Services Expand into new countries Consolidate, standardize and manage business processes across multiple sites Capitalize on new opportunities Collaborate more effectively with supply chain partners Grow with a long-term solution

31 Contoso Entertainment
Site 1 Prod Unit 1 Work Center 1 Work Center 2 Prod Unit 2 Purchase Warehouse Sales Warehouse Production Warehouse Quarantine Warehouse Site 2 Main Warehouse Site 3 Prod Unit Work Center Multi-Site Structure Site Warehouse Production Unit Geographic location Confined within company Linked to financial dimension Must be within site Unique within company Cannot be shared Hold inventory Production ”dimension” Unique per site

32 demo Compete Globally

33 Multi-Site Capabilities
Enables Visibility into raw materials, inventories, transactions over multiple sites Multi-site sales and purchasing Track Sales and PO’s at different sites and movement of materials, inventory between sites Site specific vendors Site specific item settings Site specific production BOM and route per site Site specific production parameters Master planning across sites Decentralized pick/pack/ship by site Cost control by site

34 Multi-Site Planning Site 1 Site 2 Sales Order Production Order
Pulse Monitor Sales Order Production Order Monitor Enclosure Transfer Order Purchase Order Site 1 Enclosure Production Order RM-Metal Purchase Order Site 2

35 Conclusie  Voordelen Multisite voor SCM en finance
AIF: Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Consolidatie landenfunctionaliteit: Turkije, Oost Europa, CO (Brazilie, China, Japan, Thailand, Arabische landen) en India  Voordelen AIF – SOA: flexibiliteit met webservices (WCF, standaard MSFT technologie)…niet alles in ERP oplossing coderen IT afdeling Multisite concept – beter inzicht SCM- Finance…in lijn met Tier 1 competition (midmarket players geen goeie fit) AX kan meegroeien met klant zijn internationisatieslag op 1 enkele instance (lage TCO)

36 Call To Action Sales en Marketing Consultants – Developers
AIF = USP tov concurrentie Multisite: reden om te upgraden – verruiming prospecten Consolidatie landenfunctionaliteit: snelheid implementatie Consultants – Developers What’s New AX functioneel/Technisch Windows Communication Foundation – Web services voor Developers

37 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Take your business into the future
Improve productivity Manage change Compete globally Simplify compliance

38 Simplify Compliance Customer Challenges (“Pains”)
Experiencing high costs and burden of compliance Penalties for failed regulatory compliance Loss of stakeholder’s trust and confidence Who is experiencing these challenges? CEO CFO

39 Simplify Compliance Reduce risk and liability associated with corporate governance and regulatory compliance Benefits Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Capabilities Improved internal controls to mitigate risks Improved visibility of internal controls Help reduce total cost of compliance Respond quickly to compliance related demands Windows Workflow Foundation, built- in security, consistent processes Compliance Center; sharing compliance documents & evaluation of controls Digital Signatures Global Address Book Self service reporting tools enable creation of ad-hoc compliance related reports

40 Compliance Portal


42 demo Simplify Compliance

43 Conclusie Compliance Center:  Voordelen Task recorder Rapportage
Enterprise Portal obv SOX requirements Task recorder Rapportage  Voordelen Compliance niet langere een hoge kost: documentatie/oderhoud nu out of the box: task recorder, document templates, out of the box rapporten (midmarket players behind on this point) Security system: single sign on – AD integratie – user group set up met permissions, tools als database logging, laten makkelijk audit trails toe (geen enkele competitor kan dit bieden…)

44 Call To Action Sales – Marketing: Consultants – developers
Uitbreiden van Compliance Center met industry requirements, standards, best practices Compelling event bij prospecten Consultants – developers AX What’s new readiness

45 Major New Functionality
Expense Management (Enterprise Portal only) – credit card processing Customer Returns Management Quality Control and Management Improved Procurement Capabilities Purchase Requisitions Request for Quotes 3 Way Matching Major Enhancements to Supply Chain Management Planning and Scheduling Collaboration and Integration between Engineering, Operations, Sales and Finance Improved Execution Processes

46 Major New Functionality
Enhanced CRM Lead & Opportunity Management through Enterprise Portal Deeper Integration with Microsoft Exchange AX and Dynamics CRM integration: no new timeline defined HR and Payroll Major Enhancements to Project Planning Integration to Production Integration to Microsoft Project Hierarchical Work breakdown structure Integration to Purchase Order & Expenses Cash Flow by Project

47 Major New Functionality
Finance Shared service centre concept: intercompany features, centralized statements and payments,… Print management Save invoice Budgetting Fixed Assets Voucher templates

48 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Take your business into the future
Improve productivity Manage change Compete globally Simplify compliance

49 Conclusie: Horizontaal Profesional Services
Finance Outlook integratie – global address book - UC Expense management – purchase requisition Mobiele oplossing Dynamics Client for Office Role centers - BI Profesional Services Project (productie/project server) CRM Manufacturing – Distribution - Retail Multisite - Quality control Shipment Carrier - WMS improvements

50 Call to action - Readiness
Sales en Marketing: Seminars Partner voorjaarsupdate Sales - Marketing Webcasts Nieuwsbrieven Presales What’s new Technical – Functional manuals – ½ dag Presales Seminar (zomer-najaar)

51 Call to Action - Readiness
Consultants: User Experience guidelines What’s new functional training ( 2-3 dagen CPLS) Webcasts  Specifiek: Project Server BI consultants: Performance Point Server Information Worker - Collaboration : WSS – MOSS 2007 Developers What’s New technical training ( 2- 3 dagen CPLS) .NET stack: BI, WF, WPF, WCF, MOSS 2007 – Windows Sharepoint Services

52 System Architecture, Licensing and Pricing

53 System Architecture

54 System Requirements Network idem : < 5 msec en 100 MB/sec
.NET framework 3.5 en windows installer Server computers Windows server 2003 or 2008, IIS 6.0 and ASP.NET 2.0 SQL 2005 (sp2), SQL 2008, Oracle 10g R2 (access SQL) MOSS 2007 sp1 or WSS 3.0 sp1 AIF – Windows Software development Kit (SDK) BTS 2006 – BTS 2006 R2 Client Vista, XP, IE 6.0 sp2 or 7.0 or Mozilla Firefox Office XP …preferred Office 2007 Development: Visual Studio 2008

55 64 bit?

56 Hardware Requirements
The minimum hardware required to install and run Microsoft Dynamics AX includes: Intel Pentium/Celeron family or compatible Pentium III Xeon or higher processor minimum; 1.1 GHz or higher recommended 512 MB RAM or more recommended 1 GB or more hard disk space Super VGA (1024x768) or higher resolution monitor DVD drive (required for installation from DVD)  Actual requirements will vary based on your system configuration and the applications and features that you install: Number of transactions per hour Number of concurrent users Number of concurrent Enterprise Portal users Number of remote connections Number of locations

57 Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Licensing Options
Full Client Dynamics Client for Office Mobility Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX Business Essentials SharePoint-based Portal (EP) Snap FRx Advanced Management SharePoint Server Other Office Business Applications Concurrent Named Named

58 Business Essentials Functionality Aditional Financials I
Financials II (Advanced Ledger) Fixed Assets Unlimited Virtual Companies Three Dimensions Company Accounts (Unlimited) Domains (Group of companies) Dimensions (Additional, each.) A Business Analysis Trade Trade Agreements Logistics Human Resource Management I (HRM I) (incl. 100 HR Records) Human Resource Management II (HRM II) Enterprise Portal Framework Application Integration Framework (AIF) First Language Additional languages (each) BUS Layer Runtime (Horizontal and Vertical add-ons) Windows MorphX Development Suite Security & User Management & User Groups VAR Layer Runtime Menu Designer/IntelliMorph X++ - Source Code (Including CUS layer and VAR+BUS runtime) Database log Electronic Banking Record Level Security

59 Advanced Management Functionality Additional Financials III
Compliance Management Cost Accounting I-IV A Purchase Requisition Warehouse Management I (II = A) Intercompany Demand Planner 2.0 Users (includes both Power Base and Collaborative) Resources Production I (II en III = A) Master Planning Product Builder Quality Management Solution Shop Floor Control I (Time & Attendance) Project I (II= A) Marketing Automation, Telemarketing, Sales Force en Sales Management Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server - delivered with the purchase of your first Microsoft Dynamics CRM CAL Service Management - Subscription Human Resource Management I (HRM I) (incl. 100 HR Records) Sales Representative Role, Consultant (internal role) Questionnaire, HRM, PBA,.. for Enterprise Portal Expense Management Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and Windows Sharepoint Services Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server Mobile Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX Microsoft Dynamics External Connector Balanced Scorecard Business Process Mgmt Questionnaire I - II MDIS Functionality

60 Microsoft Dynamics Client for Office (DCO)
Why Is It So Important? Good value for customers; expand usage and adoption Simplify and align licensing of light usage Revenue generation based on increased customer penetration Competitive answer to SAP (Duet) Licensing Named user 130 EUR for Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) 265 EUR for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server version Only available to new customers licensing Advanced Management Only available to internal employees (not customers or vendors)

61 Mobile Business Applications
Mobile solutions for Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Business Applications Mobile Sales ISV & Partners Applications Mobile Development Tools

62 Dynamics Mobile Client access license includes
All mobile solution modules (Mobile Sales and future solutions) AND Access to ISV applications via the Mobile Development Tools Microsoft Dynamics AX Mobile CAL: 330 EUR per named user Presrequisite: SQL Server CAL ($190 per named user on the AX pricelist, or $5000 per processor for unlimited users) Orderable from the Microsoft Dynamics AX pricelist (AM)

63 Pricing No Changes Except as Noted Below New License Keys
Expense Management MBL: $5,000 USD (in AM package) Purchase Requisitions MBL: $2,000 USD (in AM package) Language (Arabic) MBL: $2,860 USD (or ala carte for BRL) Finance III MBL: $1,500 USD (in AM package) Compliance MBL: $1,000 USD (in AM package) Merged License Keys Product Builder I,II, III, IV Replaced/Removed License Keys Process Industries TQM (Replaced by QMS) Microsoft Dynamics AX for Life Sciences (Discontinued) Business Connector – no longer available for BE customers; replaced in AM by Microsoft Dynamics Client for Office Enterprise Portal Web Users moved to DCO in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 (3:1 ratio)

64 Licensing case 50 concurrent users – operations team
20 webusers(consultant role) Men wil gebruik kunnen maken van SQL Reporting Services & SQL Report Builder 30 interne gebruikers – offertes maken en Excel rapportage Men wil integreren met een externe applicatie ve leverancier om orders uit te wisselen Klanten toegang geven om orders op te volgen Men heeft 10 mobiele werknemers

65 Licentiefile

66 AX 4 orders after RTM? Previous practise of 90 days to purchase new licenses for both current & previous version stopped Once AX 2009 launched, must purchase new licenses from AX 2009 price list If customer wants new AX4 license, can buy AX 2009 & then downgrade (code letter) to AX4 No time limit (as long as product supported)

67 Upgrade - Migration Licensing perspective: module based or transition to BRL AX 2009 code available in June…technical/functional material available Readiness: 1- day upgrade classes coming up in summertime AX 3.0 to AX 2009 supported Code productivity upgrade tools available Large performance improvements data upgrade (parallel and batch framework)

68 Pricing " MSFT Stack" Performance Point Server
USD server and 195 USD CAL Dynamics CRM (enterprise) 5.000 USD Server – 999 USD CAL (full) Office Communication Server – Project Server http: //

69 Sharepoint

70 SQL

71 Presales Resources

72 Presales Seminar How to demo new features AX 2009 ….
Compliance, Reporting, Budgetting SCM – Quality management Warehouse management PBA Trade and Source Production and Planning …. Case studies and customer scenarios August/Septembre

Demo2win GOOD IS THE ENEMY OF GREAT!!! Democrimes Demoscenes: TST Value >< Benefits 8 mei Barneveld Afspraak PTS

74 DemoShowCase

75 demo Showcase

76 Partner Launch Community
Groove workspace AX 2009 Partner Community Wat is Groove? Toegang – installatie (office 2007 ultimate of trial versie 2 maanden) System Requirements (windows XP sp2 of vista – 1 GB deel wordt weer vrijgemaakt na install) Note: open ruimte info bekend!!! Content Files: ppts, recording, tips en tricks (bv. VPC), Readiness Documenten (hands on labs) Discussions: Nieuwtjes drop (geen vraag en antwoord)


78 Call To action Readiness: web casts, live meeting, CPLS training
Groove Workspace toegang Download Materiaal: VPC, Demoshowcase, Pricelist,… Partnerships UC, AX Mobile Propositie: BI, Portals (information worker) Plan 1-1 PTS

79 Open deuren… Wat vind je van AX2009?
Wat zou impact kunnen zijn voor jou business/klanten/prospecten? Wat miste je in deze sessie? Welke “ objections” zie je en hoe zouden we deze kunnen tackelen…

80 A Milestone Release… + ‘etc…’ 1 400+ new features and improvements
Shipment Carrier Integration Balanced sheet posting of Fixed price Time Zone Support Centralized Payments Project Control Reverse Financial Entries Packing Slip Based Invoices Ledger Account Categories Activation of Refill Pallet Transport Purchase Requisition Centralized Cash Receipts Miscellaneous Charges Returns Management Hierarchical Activities Multi Site Costing Multi Version Item Costing Purchase Requisition Additional Financials Dimensions Streamlining Picking Process Cash Advance Requests Integration with MS Project Server Intercompany Allocations 3-way matching Service Order Gant Chart Centralized Customer Statements Compliance Center Service Consumption Reporting Eliminations Workflow Budget Revision History Enterprise Model 30+ Role Pages User-defined Project Stages Global Address Book Project Price Groups 2 Record scale and performance Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 benchmark transactions faster with compression on SQL Server 2008 Throughput Scalability 3 Setting the bar in innovation + RoleTailored UX Unified Communication Digital Signature RealWorld SOA ‘etc…’

81 Additional Resources Launch Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Fact Sheet Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Price List and Supplement Microsoft Dynamics AX Compete Landing Page Web Services Available in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

82 Deel 2: Dynamics AX 2009 Positionering & Compete

83 Dynamics ERP Positioning
Office Accounting Dynamics Entrepreneur Solution Dynamics NAV Dynamics SL Dynamics GP Dynamics AX Targeted for Workgroup Size 0-25 Empl. 10-50 200-3,000+ Deployment: Local/ Multinational Local Multinational, Centralized Shared Investment Priorities next 1-2 releases Simplicity in use, role tailored Connections with Office, MOSS, and Performance Point Connections and alignment with Dynamics CRM Integration with POS (not SL) Web Services Product focused Investment Priorities (Next 1-2 releases) Simplicity in installation Integration with 3rd parties (FI’s, Accountants software) Local functionality expanding into new countries Simplicity and efficiency in Development environment Simplicity in deployment. Simplicity in upgrade Strengthening collaboration in and between companies New functionality for Project-Driven Organizations Business analytics to more roles SharePoint Application enhancements in target markets Simplicity in deployment Accounting and Business Operations Appl. enhancements for the countries currently supported Global Industry Platform for global customers Strengthen industry focus through MDIS Expand application functionality Local functionality expanding into more countries MICROSOFT CONFIDENTIAL

84 Target Customer by Industry
Vertical Solutions within Industry Target Customer by Industry Industry Enabling Core AX Manufacturing Metals Industrial Equip Food & Bev. Paper Pharmaceutical Textiles High Tech Aerospace Chemical Oil & Gas Distribution Consumer Products Food & Bev Industrial Retail Food & Bev Specialty Store Hospitality Apparel Auto Dealer Public Sector Healthcare Works Fin and Admin Utilities Transport NFP Prof Services IT Services Advertising Arch & Engineer Media & Entertainment Construction Legal Services Supply Chain Execution Demand Planning Enterprise Asset Management Fund Accounting Quality Management Financial Management Supply Chain Management Customer Relationship Management Human Resources Management Highlight = Current Industry Solution

85 Target Customer by Size
Tier 1 Space Heavy Duty Users 500 1,000 3,000 Concurrent users per instance Evaluate Evaluate Microsoft Dynamics AX Sweet spot Tier 1 Space Significant # of Light Users (1 Windows User = 3 EP Users) 500 1,000 3,000 Evaluate Evaluate Microsoft Dynamics AX Sweet spot

86 Target Customer by Project Type
Large Enterprise Corporate HQ Legacy Project Project at Subsidiary, Department, Plant Number of Users OK Number of Users OK IT Governance Model IT Governance Model Centralized Centralized Decentralized Federated Decentralized Federated Centralized Centralized Decentralized Federated

87 Target Customer by Segment
Mid to Upper Mid Market Enterprises Divisional and Headquarter Solution Industry Solutions within Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Professional Services Industries Competitive Advantage in Global Scenarios Now Supports Multi Site Scenarios Address the Needs of Larger and More Complex Companies

88 Target Customer by Segment
Segmenten & aantallen bedrijven ERP Software uitgaven NL in de Mid Market

89 Samenvattend Mid to Upper Mid Market Enterprises
Multiple countries and languages Number of Users Types of Users Distribution of Users By User Headquarter Subsidiary Operations vs. Finance Rip & Replace Surround By Project Type MDIS Certified for Microsoft Dynamics ISV Deep Vertical By Industry

90 Discussie Welke branche gaat u voor? Waar is die keus op gebaseerd?
Heeft u al voor een segment gekozen? Welke oplossing gaat u hiervoor inzetten? MDIS Een eigen add-on Een oplossing uit het buitenland (solution finder)? Hoe zit het met de fit van Dynamics AX 2009 met de branche waar u in wilt?

91 Competitive Positioning
Software Category Microsoft Dynamics AX Advantages What Competitors Might Say? Mid Market Players – Infor,Exact, Movex, ISV oplossingen, SAP (All-in-One), JD Edwards, People Soft Global – supports 40 languages and localized for 36 countries Leverages State of the Art Microsoft technologies Familiar, roles based user interface Flexible and Adaptable Low Cost of Ownership over time NOW – Multi Site, Compliance, Enhanced Financial Capabilities (Shared Payments, Multi Company Allocations & Eliminations), Enhanced Procurement (Purchase Req, Request for Quote) Expensive Limited functionality Too much customization required Enterprise Players – Oracle, SAP 70% Improvement in throughput and scalability with SQL 2008 Low cost of ownership Supports change - flexible and adaptable solution Familiar interface that is easy to navigate NOW – Multi Site, Compliance, Enhanced Financial Capabilities (Shared Payments, Multi Company Allocations & Eliminations) Doesn’t scale Too flexible (no best practices) Limited functionality in web client Can’t handle multi site Weak compliance reporting Doesn’t support HQ scenario

92 Sales Tactics Competitie
SAP – zeer agressief, anti Microsoft benadering, uitstekende functionele dekking, professioneel Direct Sales Model, erg goed bij productie bedrijven, missen de feeling met Mid Market Infor – ook agressief om weer in de markt een rol te spelen, direct sales apparaat, gelikte demo’s, veel functionaliteit, met name sterk bij bestaande relaties en complexe industrie Oracle – kom ze vaak tegen, maar verlies niet van ze, mistige strategie, spreekt niet de taal van de MidMarket, behalve de mannen van JD Edwards Movex  - duidelijke verticale focus, verlies ik deals aan in de verticals Groot Handel en Fashion (O’neill), doen het in NL erg goed, direct sales model

93 Nog meer Sales Tactics SAP
Sales Tactics die ons SS team vanuit SAP tegenkomt: SAP begint met de AX beatsheet bij klanten, dus wij worden zeer serieus genomen SAP komt met een heel team (min 3 pers) en op sales gebied erg professioneel Er is veel aandacht vanuit het SAP management voor MidMarket klanten Op functioneel gebied kan SAP meer bieden en bij met name de grotere deals komt AX functioneel tekort SAP positioneert de oplossing als een eigen SAP oplossing en kraakt de locale Brancheoplossingen van onze partners en de continuïteit van onze partners SAP biedt in zware competitie erg laag aan met Licentie prijzen


95 What Impacts our Win-Rate?
Positive: Technology (Microsoft) Technology (Product) Relationship Microsoft Size Ability to Customize Negative: Industry Experience Knowledge of Customer Functionality Knowledge of Business Needs Customer Service

96 Dynamics Awareness Onderzoek

97 Dynamics Awareness Onderzoek

98 Wat analysten schrijven
Forrester Report Recap: Microsoft Dynamics Gets Renewed Focus

99 Call To Action Kies voor een branche Kies voor een segment
Straal dit uit op uw website, in uw demo’e etc… Zorg dat u te vinden bent via de Partner Selector Wie zijn uw concurrenten in uw markt / branche? Hoe zal Dynamics AX 2009 u hierin kunnen helpen?

100 Deel 3: De Launch

101 Launch Doestellingen FY09
Partner & Customer adoptie van de nieuwe versie binnen 6 maanden van GA. To Partner 1 TAP Partner (Dynamics Software) 100% trained (GA +3 voor nieuwe partners) 2 customer testimonials (live) on Dynamics AX 2009 in time for Dynamics ERP 2009 New Business Event Through Partner 10-15 events (event in a box!?) prospects To Customer Online 2 referenties 120 existing customers at EMEA Convergence 250 prospects at Dynamics ERP 2009 event 20 press clippings 1 Top Story

102 Launch Doestellingen – Nieuwe Partners
Partner & Customer adoptie van Dynamics AX 2009 door alle nieuwe partners GA maanden. M.a.w. “ready” zijn om het te verkopen en het te implementeren Sales Het scoren van 1 a 2 klanten op Dynamics AX 2009 in Q3 / Q4 2008 PreSales Readiness Het volgen van de Sales & PreSales seminar Demo Ready 1:1 sessie met Anouk Een “branche” gerichte VPC omgeving Demo2win Lead Gen Het hebben van een marketing plan Online moet in orde zijn 1 Thru-Partner event (launch) in Q3 of Q4 2008 Microsoft Partner Selector (vraag uw PAM) Implementatie Readiness Het volgen van de 4 daagse “What’s New” cursus door alle consultants Ready zijn op de “rand producten” – SQL 2008, SharePoint, Reporting Services, .NET etc… Project leiders: Sure Step Training

103 Planning – To Partner Readiness

104 Planning – To Customer (bestaande klanten)
Planning – To Prospect

105 Dynamics ERP 2009 (New Business) Event
Wanneer: Doel: awareness in de markt & lead generatie Doelgroep: prospects thru-partner & via Microsoft Producten Dyn AX & NAV 2009 Belangrijke rol weggelegd voor Partners Nadere info volgt Bijv. de criteria voor deelname

106 Event in a box concept

107 Event in a box – Stap 1 “Planning“

108 Event in a box – Stap 2 “Marketing“

109 Event in a box – Stap 3 “Het evenement zelf“

110 Event in a box – Stap 4 “Opvolging“

111 Event in a box – Stap 5 “Het resultaat“ http://www. microsoft

112 Marketing Content & Materialen Wat kunt u verwachten en wanneer
Video’s zoals deze -> AX 2009 Video Overzicht van alle materialen die beschikbaar komen vanuit CORP Sales and Marketing BOM planning Dynamics AX 2009 (1).xlsx Het meerendeel hiervan zal vertaald worden in het Nederlands. Verwachting is dat deze content rond juni / juli beschikbaar zal zijn in het Nederlands Online -> Dynamics AX 2009 “landing” pagina’s Partner Resource Kits (DVD’s) 1:M Marketing Sessie ergens in mei / juni (via live meeting)

113 Call To Actions – m.b.t. launch
Readiness! En nog eens Readiness! (kijk ook naar de readiness checklist) Zorg dat uw organisatie klaar is voor Dynamics AX 2009 en de randproducten daaromheen Gebruik de hulpmiddelen & resources die wij aanbieden (zorg dat u goed contact onderhoudt met Anouk) Zorg dat mensen zich inschrijven voor de CPLS trainingen Marketing & Sales Zet een business & marketingplan samen met uw PAM. Denk alvast na over een event die uzelf gaat organiseren. Gebruik de “Event in a box“ framework Ga aan de slag met de AX 2009 VPC. Maak deze branche specifiek Dynamics ERP 2009 Event Zet alvast de datum ( ) van het Dynamics ERP 2009 event in uw agenda (meer communicatie volgt)

114 Eind conclusie & samenvatting

115 Selling Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
What HASN’T Changed? How you position your company What you need to know about a prospect What you need to ask a prospect The customer “pains” you will uncover The key selling points that addressed those pains before

116 Selling Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
What HAS Changed? Can pursue larger and more complex prospects Pursue broader range of business scenarios Substantially deeper functionality in EVERY area More customization and integration options Cost of ownership improved Stronger “out-of-the-box” value Better performance with same hardware Microsoft Dynamics Client for Office

117 Conclusie / Samenvatting
Business Impact & Opportunities Het verkorten van de sales cycle & het verhogen van de win/loss ratio Het up & cross sellen van meer users per deal (i.v.m. de vernieuwde & verbeterde User Interface & Role Centers & SharePoint & Mobile & DCO) Het up & cross sellen van meer Microsoft producten & diensten Het hogere segment in kunnen gaan Verhoogde klanttevredenheid Verbeterde concurrentie kracht!

118 Conclusie / Samenvatting
Dynamics AX 2009 is niet zomaar een release. Het is een mega release waar wij samen met u een echte impact kunnen gaan maken in de markt! T.o.v. concurrenten nemen wij een enorme voorsprong! Dit zal ons absoluut helpen onze positie en markt aandeel in de Mid Market verder te vergroten en te verstevigen


120 Reviews… “The level of integration with the rest of the Microsoft suite really drives home Microsoft’s commitment to technology, productivity and end-user empowerment.” Greg Brock, Director Information Systems, Techmer PM Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 TAP Customer

121 Reviews… “Microsoft did a great job in designing a business application with the ease of use of Outlook.” Greg Brock, Director Information Systems, Techmer PM – Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 TAP Customer

122 Reviews… “The new Workflow possibilities will enable our customers to secure business processes and flows. Today it is often customizations in this area that are considered “nice to have” and only the most important ones are implemented in the first phases (if at all). Now it will become a part of the initial implementation and a lot of customers benefit because of this.” Claus Andersen, Team Manager, Columbus IT Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 TAP Partner

Download ppt "Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Partner Sales Readiness Seminar"

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