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Professionaliseren van professionals tot de registratie erop volgt Jules Pieters.

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Presentatie over: "Professionaliseren van professionals tot de registratie erop volgt Jules Pieters."— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 Professionaliseren van professionals tot de registratie erop volgt Jules Pieters

2 Van expertise via professionalisering tot registratie • Analyse: Beoogde expertise van leraren en van lerarenopleiders • Synthese: Ontwikkeling van expertise van lerarenopleiders • Implementatie: Adequate leeromgeving voor lerarenopleiders • Evaluatie: Vaststellen van expertise en verantwoording via registratie

3 Ambitie: leraar als spil • Opbrengstgericht werken • Vakvernieuwing • Doorlopende leerlijnen • Samenhang • Differentiatie (o.m. talentontwikkeling, excellentie, zorgbreedte) • Digitale leermiddelen • Adequate toetsing

4 School als domein van curriculumontwikkeling • Actieplan Leraar 2020: versterken ontwikkelvaardigheden van leraren • Onderwijscoöperatie: onderstrepen van belang van kennis en vaardigheden op terrein van curriculumontwikkeling • VO-Raad: bekwaamheidsdomeinen schoolleider VO => (1) Visie & Richting en (2) Curriculum & Instructie

5 Michael Fullan: Educational change depends on what teachers do and think – it is as simple and complex as that. Educational change is not likely to take place when teachers are merely viewed as practitioners who are expected to implement the plans of others.

6 Curriculumimplementatie Gezamenlijk Curriculum Ontwerpen Curriculum vernieuwing Docentontwikkeling “Educational change depends on what teachers do and think – it is as simple and complex as that.” Deskundigheid Attributie Self-efficacy Eigenaarschap Betrokkenheid

7 Effectief docentgedrag  Effectieve instructie  Leertijd, doelen, klassemanagement, focus op leren, huiswerk  Praktijkkennis  Kennis, vaardigheden, beliefs, persoons- en contextgebonden, tussen conceptuele kennis en professioneel handelen,  Zelfbeeld/identiteit  Morivatie, self-efficacy, engagement

8 Excellent leren onderwijzen (Den Brok & Beijaard) P raktijkkennis deliberate goed reconciling the personal practicedocentschap and professional Effectief leer-disposities/ Professioneel krachtgedrag gedragstendensen zelfbeeld/identiteit

9 David Berliner: It is the teacher who is the final arbiter of instruction. The teacher, as a reflective decision-maker, literally is the bridge between research and practice.

10 John Dewey The decisive matter is the extent to which the ideas of the theorist actually project themselves, through the kind offices of the middleman, into the consciousness of the practitioner. It is the participation by the practical man in the theory, through the agency of the linking science, that determines at once the effectiveness of the work done, and the moral freedom and personal development of the one engaged in it.

11 De leraar als reflective practitioner • SBL/Onderwijscoöperatie • Plus: • Curriculum ontwerpen • Excellentie • Wetenschappelijke houding

12 De lerarenopleider als scientist practitioner • Beroepsstandaard • Plus: • Curriculum ontwerpen • Excellentie • Wetenschappelijke houding

13 Onderzoek door leraren en lerarenopleiders: operationalisatie van wetenschappelijke houding • Onderzoek doen: geen doel op zich • Onderzoek doen: middel om probleem te analyseren, op te lossen en de oplossing te implementeren • Methodologie: afgestemd op het doel

14 Predictive and design-based research approaches (Reeves, 2006) toepasbaarheid bruikbaarheid

15 Hugo Munsterberg (1899): The whole system of psychotechnical knowledge might be subdivided under either of the two aspects. Either we might start from the various mental processes, and ask for what end each mental factor can be practically useful and important, or we can begin with studying what significant ends are acknowledged in our society and then we can seek the various psychological facts which are needed as means for the realization of these ends.

16 Synthese: Ontwikkeling van expertise van leraren en lerarenopleiders • Via professionalisering

17 Laura Desimone: Effective professional development • Content focus on subject matter content and how students learn that content. • Active learning: opportunities to get involved, such as observing and receiving feedback, analyzing student work, or making presentations. • Coherence: any professional development activity consistent with other professional development, with their knowledge and beliefs, and with school, district, and state reforms and policies. • Duration: spread over a semester and should include 20 hours or more of contact time. • Collective participation: from the same grade, subject, or school should participate in professional development activities to build an interactive learning community.

18 Malcolm Knowles Adult learning • Adults are motivated to learn as they experience needs and interests that learning will satisfy; • Adults’ orientation to learning is life-centered; • Experience is the richest resource for adults’ learning; • Adults have a deep need to be self-directing; • Individual differences among people increase with age.

19 Reflection in Action Communities

20 Implementatie: adequate leeromgeving • Teams o Vakvernieuwing als leeromgeving o Docentontwikkelteams als leeromgeving o Datateams als leeromgeving o Lesson Study als leeromgeving • Trajecten o MSc o Professional Doctorates o PhD

21 Evaluatie • Erkenning expertise • Verantwoording via portfolio => registratie o Expertise ontwikkeling: geen 0-1 ontwikkeling, maar geleidelijke ontwikkeling o (misschien) basisregistratie en vervolgregistratie

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