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ET Werkoverleg Januari 2016 Jan/2016ET werkoverleg1.

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Presentatie over: "ET Werkoverleg Januari 2016 Jan/2016ET werkoverleg1."— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 ET Werkoverleg Januari 2016 Jan/2016ET werkoverleg1

2 Agenda Algemene mededelingen. NOR (Frans/Guido) ET werkoverleg2jan/2015

3 White Rabbit workshop in March @ Nikhef  Peter. New financial system; Web based ordering tool. ◦ Arbitrary “work-order” numbers, listed in order system based on project name. ◦ All electronic system, order, confirmations, billing, packing slip handling, etc. ◦ No invoice handling for the buyer, but scan and upload the packing slip ! ◦ Start January 14, But use ET order form until 1 st March. Before you place a purchase order: Inform the budgetholder/ PL Discuss the expenses, delivery times & urgency! --prevent orders to be delayed due to late approval! When “borrowing tools” or equipment  lease inform the user! Clean up shared workspaces after use, SMD area’s, mech. Workshop. 2016: New test & measurement Instruments??? ◦ SMD Solder workstation, new (mixed mode) oscilloscope (Peter), … ET Algemeen ET werkoverleg3jan/2015

4 Beide dagen om 13:00 in N328: 20 januari: Rick Remco Oussama 21 januari: Sven Eric Tom Stage presentaties ET werkoverleg4jan/2015

5 NOR.. ET werkoverleg5jan/2015

6 einde Rondvraag. ET werkoverleg6jan/2015

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