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PDP Future PDP Group stafoverleg 14 december 2006.

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Presentatie over: "PDP Future PDP Group stafoverleg 14 december 2006."— Transcript van de presentatie:

1 PDP Future PDP Group stafoverleg 14 december 2006

2 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 2 Layout u Stuff we “know” we need to do (til 2010) u Obvious Extensions past 2010 u Opportunities (now and/or future) u Turning PDP project into a scientific program?

3 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 3 Strategic Direction ‘til 2010 u Priority 1 : NL LHC Tier-1 n Must work for HEP n Must work for the rest, otherwise 2010 is the end u Max profit of local expertise n Need to keep an eye on evolution... u Continue to make “good choices” with our research arm

4 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 4 Manpower for next four years u Immediate n Operations / Security hire (now advertised) (EGEE) n Data Intensive Sciences (now advertised) (VL-e) n Replacment K. Bos (depends on strategy) u Medium Term n Add 2,5 FTE to operations (mostly BIG) n Add 1 FTE to application enabling (BIG)

5 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 5 PDP Committments u EGEE-II : grid operations & security middleware 1 apr 2008 n.b. EGEE-III being prepared now u VL-e : scaling, validation, data-intensive sciences 2009 u BIG GRID : directorate, ops, steering 2010 current2008extern EGEE/BIG ops 3,5 (-1+1)73-4 VL-e Engr. 221 Middlw/Secur 2,5 1-1,5 Applic. Support 0,5 (1)21-2 Steering 0,2511 TOTAL 8,7514,57-9,5

6 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 6 Next decade no-brainers * u Note : strategy document 2000 mentions grid twice... u Operations : n Assume that Tier-1 continues to operate, and we said we wanted a tier-2... n Long-term development of manpower req. Unclear u “Security” (D. Groep) n Security person needed for Tier-1 n Groep + small group => huge impact within / without HEP world n Enormous bang for buck + international expert *

7 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 7 The Rest u Main focus throughout EDG / LCG / EGEE / VL-e : Get it working u Analagous to CERN IT-GD (1st floor bldg 28) ~ 40 people u Both are end to end... from n Middelware design team & world (grid) leaders, to n Software builders, to n Deployment Experts, to n Experiment Support (long-awaited promovendi??) u We can do all this, how much depends on how many people u You tell us...

8 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 8 “wetenschappelijke karakter”

9 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 9 Scientific Program u Local CS “Grid” groups... “computer science” is “wetenschap” n Informatici : “wat jullie doen is geen wetenschap” n Fysici : “wat jullie doen is geen wetenschap” u Challenge : change this attitude (in either direction...) n Collaboration with TU’s? n “Center” or “institute” (partially) within NIKHEF? n Maybe “grid research” is not the right place to look...

10 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 10 Research on “making things work” There's a new centre for Forensic Software Engineering starting at the University of Kingston... theme is very simple: find out what failed and how to avoid it so it doesn't happen again. When a bridge fails, we go to great lengths to find out why and disseminate this information. When software fails, we utter an oath and reboot, expunging all evidence. According to... several billion pounds a year is riding on this in the UK alone...

11 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 11 NIKHEF forensics...

12 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 12 Missing …

13 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 13 Experimental Software Engineering (Meten is Weten) A prerequisite for competition among theories, however, is falsifiability. Unfortunately, computer science theorists rarely produce falsifiable theories. They tend to pursue mathematical theories that are disconnected from the real world. While computer science is perhaps too young to have brought forth grand theories, my greatest fear is that the lack of such theories might be caused by a lack of experimentation. If scientists neglect experiment and observation, they’ll have difficulties discovering new and interesting phenomena worthy of better theories. (Tichy, Karlsruhe)

14 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 14 Examples... u Experimental Software Engineering, U. Maryland u Fraunhofer Center, Kaiserslautern u Experimental Sofware Engineering, Ulm u International Software Engineering Research Network (ISERN) : 39 Members

15 Jeff Templon – stafoverleg, 2006.12.14 - 15 Oratie CS Nijmegen... Ik zou op deze plaats krachtig willen pleiten voor een opwaardering van experimenteel onderzoek binnen de informatica. Experimenteel onderzoek mag dan vaak niet zo spectaculair ogen, maar het is wel belangrijk. Het ontbreken van experimentele onderbouwing dient daarom in negatieve zin mee te tellen bij de beoordeling van artikelen. Verstandig onderzoeksbeleid binnen de informatica zou er niet direct op gericht moeten zijn om onderzoekers van theoretisch naar toepassingsgericht te drijven, maar simpelweg vaker van wetenschappers moeten eisen dat zij hun claims experimenteel onderbouwen...

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